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Thursday, February 7, 2008

all about Drew

Today has been a fairly smooth day! Yea for us! We had a lovely playdate with our friend Ora and two of her childre, Cody and Sara. Brice really loves Ora and her family. He gets so excited when they come over! They stayed for a little lunch and we had a great time playing.
We filed our taxes today and thats always a great day for us. It almost feels like a date, only we come out having made money instead of having spent it!
Last night, I got to see Manny play basketball with his team for the first time. Usually, I'm the one who stays home with the babies. It was so good to finally get to see him. I'm going to try to get there on Saturday as well. He rebounds really well, he's great on defense. Now, we just have to teach him not to be afraid to take a shot (and to use the backboard!)
So I thought I'd use these "slow" days to highlight an older kid...sometimes it seems that I don't get to talk about them as much with all the antics and news about Brice and the babies.
I'll start with Drew since he's my oldest.
Drew Alexander Joseph Fontenot is 12 years old. He turns 13 in July. He has the biggest heart in the world. He's so helpful with his little brothers and sisters. Since he's my oldest, a lot of responsibility falls on him, but he handles it so well. He rarely complains and always does what we ask. He can change diapers, make bottles and rock babies to sleep. He attended Brice's birth and accidently turned off the lights while the doctor was breaking my water. Hilarious. (the doctor said "that's okay...I don't need it!")
Drew really loves music. He plays the clarinet in the middle school band. This is his 4th year playing. He also has taught himself to play piano. We keep promising him formal lessons (something we really need to do). He also loves art and is beginning to be interested in science. He enjoys school and though we sometimes has struggles with his grades, he's made big improvements this year.
Drew is also the one who has chronic ITP which is basically a chronic low platelet count. He does really well though, usually only needing to be treated every couple of months.
What else can I say about Drew. He loves High School Musical and isn't embarrassed to say so! (this is unlike others of our kids who are "closet" fans) Ditto for Hanna Montana and all those little shows on Disney Channel.
So that's a little a little bit of info on Drew. Our oldest baby. I've been his Mommy since I was 19 and made all my mistakes, and "oops" on him! He's been the lab rat, like all oldest children are. I couldn't ask for a better kid though and he makes me so proud.


bestfamily said...

It sounds like you have one very special little man on your hands! I can only pray that I have such wonderful boys when they get older.

BoufMom9 said...

Hmmm, my Alex's name is Alexander Joseph? Funny! I guess we are alike. LOL
BTW I think we are going to have to really really watch Drew & Steph when they meet... they have WAY too much in common...LOL (plus she thinks he's cute. YIKES! I'm not ready for this...)

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

Jay LOVES High School Musical too, I've lost count on how many times we've watched it. Oh and we watch Hannah Montana too :).

I'm so glad you were able to go to watch his sports game.

Thank you for giving us an all about Drew post. I expect one on each of the kids :)

Jenn H said...

Yeah to getting to see Manny play, I bet he loved that!!! Drew sounds like an amazing young man and very talented!!!

nana said...

Drew is truly a wonderful young man. I noticed the other night while talking with him on the phone - Ang...his voice is changing! My heart is breaking because he is growing up too fast. You are getting ready to enter the fun years - be patient!!
Love you all and will talk to you tonight.

Lynn said...

Sorry I haven't been around...but I have a really good excuse! Have been on grandson watch! And the little stinker finally stopped being so stubborn (he was a week late and included 3 tries by mom to go to the hospital and 3 times was sent home) and came out to say hi!!!!!!!! Oh he was worth the weight! And I actually got to help in the delivery. I helped hold Sarah's head up every time she pushed (and my back is still complaining about it). She did 3 pushes every contraction...anyway, he's here and I'm thrilled!!!!!!!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh Drew just sounds like a dream kid, you know that he is like that becuase of you and the family you all provite for him

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