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Sunday, February 10, 2008

All about Emanuel...

Since I posted a couple of days ago about Drew, I figured it was time for the next kid in line, and #2 happens to be Emanuel. First the basic facts: His whole name is Albert Emanuel Fontenot IV
Yes, he has the same name as his Dad, Grandfather and Great-Grandfather. And he is quite proud of that. If you are wondering why we gave the name to #2 and not #1 (and almost everyone wonders...usually aloud...) the reason is pretty basic- we weren't going to do to continue the tradition. Initially Albert felt that the chain had gone long enough and frankly, there were other names he liked better (such as Drew). However after Drew was born, Albert started to re-think his position on this and decided that to continue the tradition might be a pretty cool thing afterall. So, son #2 ended up with the family name. (don't feel bad for Drew, his name has a great story behind it as well...have you ever had that assignment in home ec where you have to pretend you are parents to a bag of flour or some other nonsense...well Albert had an assignment like this...he had to pull a peice of paper that was blue or pink out of a hat...he pulled blue...then he had to pick a "mom" for his child. He picked me. Then we had to do all this research on how much it cost to buy baby gear and get child care ect. Albert named our "baby" Drew Alexander and then stuck me with the whole rest of the project. I had to go and do all the research ect. Of course I loved every single second of stuff like that! ha ha! Anyway, a year later when we really did get spite of the assignment...we kept the name for our son!)
Anyhoo, back to Emanuel. He was born on December 26, 1996. Albert and I were 20 years old and had a 17 month old and now a newborn....
From the moment we brought him home from the hospital, he was (and still is) the easiest child to take care of. He never woke up more than twice in a night even as a newborn...he breastfed easily...I never had to mess with bottles for him. He rarely cried...he was just a joy to have.
He continues to be an easy child.
He's 11 years old now. I never have to ask him to do his homework. I never have to ask him to study for a fact, I'm honestly never aware of when he even has a test. He never misses an assignment ( I think he's missed one all year and that was because he misunderstood the teacher concerning the due date) He always has excellent grades.
He loves sports. He's so into football and basketball. He's good at both of them. We're letting him do both to see which one takes off for him. He is mr. popular with his friends. He 's very into looking "cool" Once, when I was pregnant with Brice, he forgot something important at home. I threw on my house shoes and dashed out the door to take it to him at school. I caught up with his class as they were lining up for art class. I gave him what he needed and as I turned to leave I heard him mutter "why did you have to wear those shoes to my school..."
He is a great brother to the little ones. He aggrevates the heck out of Jackson and Brandon. He and Brice are buddies. He'll help with babies although not as eagerly as Drew! He is very loving and long as his friends aren't watching.
His newest love is the Green Bay Packers. We aren't really an NFL family...we like college football, but Manny has gotten us interested in the NFL as well. Brett Farve is his idol. He loves Brett Farve. He walks around the house quoting his stats and records.
We are so proud of him, as we are all of our children. I am secretly sooooo thankful that he is as easy of a kid as he is...considering that we have others that are a bit tougher!


BoufMom9 said...

OH MY! You could've been talking about Alex! Wow! They are going to be biddies when we meet up! they are the same child, I swear!
And, I think manny will flip when he meets Russ since Russ looks like Brett Favre. LOL
BTW LOve the story of how you came to name Drew! Very cute!

Lynn said...

Well you had me until you got to the whole Green Bay Packer thing....I seem to remember them knocking MY team out of the playoffs! Bad memories!

Jenn H said...

Yay for an easy child!!! He sounds like an absolute delight!! Loved how he's number 2 birth order wise but is the continuation of the family name!!! Have to agree with Lynn, the Packers knocked my team out of the playoffs too :-(

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Just another great child, there you go! you deserve it!

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