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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

crowded house!

Oh joy of I feel so tired that I have seriously contemplated just going to bed for the day...but alas, I'd pay for it in the morning if I did.
Our house is crazy this afternoon. As I type, I have frozen shark thawing out in the sink. How to cook this idea....all of my kids are home from school including our babysitter Arne who comes over most afternoons to hang out for a while and two of Drew's frineds. The two friends here visiting Drew are none other than his "ex girlfriend" and his "current girlfriend." They are all playing with the new puppy. Some kids are trying to do homework, Sydney is crying and Arne is thankfully holding her. Brandon is attempting to write a story and at the same time tell me an unrelated story while Jackson is trying to obtain permission to go outside. Brice is running through the kitchen waving his pants in the air yelling "mommy help me! Help me!" I beleive he would like some assistance redressing himself.
Albert is not home yet because he went to talk to a college kid about getting life on the right track so he can play football in college...okay, now Brice has thrown himself in my lap wailing "Mommyyyyyyy...Mommyyyyyyyy" Oh wait...he's just moved on.
So far the housetraining with Zoe is going awesome...lets hope it doesn't change because I wrote that.
Well, time to go find out how to make the shark for dinner.
Gotta run...


TONYA said...

ooh the ex girlfriend and the current girlfriend. So how is that going? That is one popular boy you have there.

Jenn H said...

So, what did you do with the shark, and what kind of shark was it??

Lynn said...

I can't believe how boring it is there all the time....

BoufMom9 said...

LOL Love what Lynn wrote!
Missing chatting with you!
I'm here in VA Beach with some of the girls. Wish you could be here too!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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