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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life Insurance & Creating a Will (yuck)

So, last night was our trip to Allstate to meet with our insurance agent to discuss taking our more insurance on Albert and getting some for me and the kids. This came about after Albert realized that the policy he has at work would not pay enough to cover our mortgage and leave me able to care for our children. When we talked about it, it occured to us that if something happened to me, Albert would have no childcare and childcare is expensive. So, although I have no official income, we'd need to replace the money that we save by me being a stay at home mom. Then it occured to us further that since two of our children have health issues and at least Brandon is potentially uninsurable, we might want to get riders for our kids too so that if anyone else pops up with a health issue they will already be insured. This of course, led to the big discussion on wills. Now, we've had this discussion several times before and we never get anywhere because we can never come up with a suitable candidate for who would raise our kids. However, we also know that if we don't name someone...the state will do it for us. The tricky issue is, we have 8 of them and we don't want them split up. ever. period.
We know that when Drew comes of age, he'll be appointed the guardian of our other children if something should happen to us, but right now he's just 12 we need to make a plan.
This is so stressful. At least the insurance part of the issue was fixed last night. The other...well...the debate continues.
At the insurance office last night, we had a blast. It was kind of like a date even (if you ignore Brandon and Sydney sitting there!) I guess Albert and I acted a bit too silly though. Each time the agent would discuss coverage, one of us would tease the other by saying things like "sleep well tonight honey!" or "when we get home, how about if I fix you a snack!"
Albert made jokes about lacing my food with reisen (a poison that is difficult to detect unless you test specfically for it) and I teased him that I was going to poison him with puffer fish ovaries (also a deadly toxin). I think the agent thought we were crazy and looked at me and said "Mam, if he asks you to check the taillights on your car...make sure you have both sets of keys in your hand!" We got quite a laugh out of that! We continued to tease each other and were still trading comments and one-liners while the agent was telling us to expect a phone call from underwriting regarding our medical histories. Maybe he thought we weren't listening because he said
"people listen, this is very important because nobody can kill anyone until these calls are made!"
I swear this was the most fun date we've had in a while. Minus the sleet and 16 degree weather.


Jenn H said...

Ugh, hate discussing wills, much for the same reasons, no one suitable who could handle our four, soon to be five children and I don't ever want them to be separated!! LOL about the jokes you guys were cracking, funny stuff!!!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Love the jokes you were making. Along the lines of what Russ & I say to eachother if ever one of us becomes incontinenet and senile and happens to be worth more dead than alive. LOL (of course, all in "good fun")
We don't have anyone picked either and for the same reason... don't want them split up EVER!

Lynn said...

Betcha the agent never forgets you guys! Laughing so hard here!

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

Ugh, I hate making these decisions. We update our will every year ... as you know the military are quite insistent on making sure everything is taken care of 'just in case'. We haven't taken out life insurance on the babies yet but have for Jay and we've appointed guardians for the kids just in case. Such hard decisions though, I totally sympathise. You and Albert are hilarious though cracking jokes like that LOL

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