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Sunday, February 3, 2008

More on Grandad's Visit!

Just wanted to post a few more pictures of the boys' taken by Grandad's camera. Grandad just left a few moments ago and already the kids miss him. It was a great visit. Whenever we have any compant we always wonder if they are totally overwhelmed by the craziness of our running all over, the loudness, the organized chaos of 8 little ones playing, the fact that someone ALWAYS needs something. Grandad always handles it really well though. He's not afraid to pick up babies and the older kids respond to him very well. Alexandria and Isaiah were a little bit unsure of him at first (they were just a few months old last time they saw him) but they both warmed up pretty quickly.
We went to church this morning. After the service when Drew and I went to pick up the babies from their classrooms, Drew and Brandon got into a bit of a scuffle which resulted in Brandon either running our being pushed out of the door marked "Emergency exit only- alarm will sound" And indeed the alarm did sound. This prompted a heated debate between Drew and Brandon regarding whether Brandon ran out the door or Drew pushed him out the door. Brandon was overheard muttering under his breath "How was I supposed to know the alarm would go off?" Uhhhh, maybe the sign posted in the middle of the door...ya think?
When we got home, Brice encountered some potty trouble and had to be carried upstairs to the bathtub (his clothes had to be bagged). Not a pretty scene.
Grandad took lots of pictures before he left. As he got in his car to drive away, many little faces were at the door to say goodbye. Unfortunately, one little face opened the door too wide and the dog flew out and tore off across the neighborhood. Albert had to drive around until Raja was willing to jump back in the car. Nice.
Now, we're gearing up for the SuperBowl. Emanuel is going to a friends house to watch it. I'm looking forward to lounging on the couch with Albert and enjoying the game. Stay tuned...tomorrow is Monday...something interesting should be in store.


Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

Is it wrong of me to be laughing at the little purple snow bunny falling over LOL.

Loved all the photos and smileboxes. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful visit with grandad.

Lynn said...

Sorry the visit was so short. Glad the dog's back! I looked out the window the other day and our doggie was walking down the sidewalk. I grabbed a leash and ran out the door and just called to her in a friendly voice and she actually came running back to me! She rarely does that when she escapes.

Lynn said...

P.S. You blew it! There's actually a pic of YOU in there! You're hardly ever in any of the pics!

Jenn H said...

Glad granddad got to me Syd for the first time!!! Loved all the pics!!

BoufMom9 said...

Glad you had such a nice visit! PS Only you! (church)

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