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Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Outing Without Sydney...

As most of you know, I will as a general rule, NOT leave Sydney. Everywhere I go, she goes and everywhere she goes, I go. I have made a few quick runs to little places here in Mascoutah, such as the pharmacy or the post office or to grab a loaf of bread at the store alone, but I've never been away from here for more than 20 minutes. Until tonight. My husband wanted to go out on a date, and when I accepted his invitation, I had every intention of bringing Sydney with us. We had a perfectly good babysitter, Arne, who had volunteered to stay the night at our house so we could stay out as late as we wanted. But when Drew came into our room while we were getting ready and said "Are you taking Sydney?" I heard my husband reply "No." He was very simple and matter of fact about it. I paused, set down my curling iron and popped my head around the bathroom door.
"We are taking Sydney." I responded, I'm sure sounding more than a little lost and confused. In fact, it probably sounded more like a question than a statement.
"No." Albert said again. "There are places I want to go that would be too loud for her."
"No," I protested. "I don't want to be away from her. I've never left her before..." on and on I went. Albert looked a little dejected and looked at Drew and said "I guess we're taking her."
Well, that made me feel bad. I don't want to be not available to my husband...and it was freezing cold outside, maybe it would be better to leave her in the toasty, cozy confines of our house. We had a great sitter plus Drew knows how to take care of her. The boys can make bottles, change everything we can do. I was running out of excuses not to leave her. I hemmed and hawed over it in my mind for a few minutes and then struck on a compromise. I told Albert that we could leave Sydney if we stayed home until after the twins and Brice went to bed. That way we wouldn't be leaving Arne with quite so many little ones. So thats what we did. It worked out perfectly too, because Brice hadn't napped today so he was ready to sleep.
So we put the twins and Brice down at 7:00 (much to Alexandria's angry protests. Spa day had to be rescheduled. Sorry Alex, but I gotta snag your dad when I can! Tomorrow we'll catch up on spa day) Then we left on our date...and what was our hot date you might ask....a trip to Panera bread company where we looked up different dog breeds on our laptop as Panera offers free WIFI. As if that weren't exciting enough, we then drove across the parking lot to Target (anyone who knows me knows that this is a fabulous date for me, as I am obsessed with Target...I dream of working there just in exchange for baby clothes). I found these things called NotSox for the girls. They are like thick winter tights ony without the toes, so they are more like leg warmers. So freakin cute! A little pricey- $11.00 per pair which is wayyyyyy more than I would generally ever pay for tights, socks or a combination of both, but I splurged this once.
Then we headed back into our little town and topped off our night with a quick stop at "The Juicy Peanut" a little hole in the wall bar down the street. We just got one quick drink (well, Albert did. I just sat there and enjoyed the conversation.) By now I was getting a little desperate to get back to Sydney. I just don't enjoy being away from a small baby. I don't mind leaving the older kids so much. The big ones are capable of understanding where we are and the older babies are going to sleep through the night anyway, so as long as we're there to put them to bed and then there again in the morning to get them out of bed, its all gravy as far as they are concerned. But the little babies, I detest being seperated from. I think its partially biological. A mother is hardwired to be near her newborn. Hence why they are so completely dependant. Additionally, I practice attachment parenting with Sydney (to the extent possible with so many other babies, so really I geuss its a "modified" attachment parenting) I wear her in a sling so much that to be out without her attached to my body or not in my arms or near me somehow feels very ackward. Not that I didn't have fun. I enjoyed my husband quite a bit, it was just good to be back home with my daughter. And apparently, my daughter had the same idea. When we arrived home and walked upstairs to the loft, Sydney was sleeping, though fitfully, in her swing. As soon as she heard my voice saying hello to the boys, her eyes snapped awake and she's been wide awake ever since. She has been lying in my arms smiling and laughing at me. I've tried two or three times to lay her down in her basinette beside me, as it is time for her to be in bed, but she won't have it. She cries and longs to be picked up again. And when I do, she buries her head on my shoulder and is quite content. At the current moment, she is doing the same on her Dad's shoulder and is a happy and contented as can be in his arms.
I am definately up for another date night with Albert, but perhaps next time Syd comes with us!


Lynn said...

Seems like any time we got away from the kids we paid for it when we got back...the longer we were gone, the more we were punished! But it is worth it now and then!

BoufMom9 said...

We had a date nite too last night and we couldn't leave the house until i was absolutely certain the babies were asleep. LOL
I know exactly what you are talking about!
Glad you had a nice night away though. Me too. YEAH!
ps i tried one answered. whaaaa!

TONYA said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy a night alone with Albert. I'm sure he really appreciated it too :). First time is always the hardest.

Jenn H said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I am soooo with you about not wanting to leave my baby(ies) when they are so little!!! Reminds me of a MIL story, lol.

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