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Friday, February 1, 2008


We got our snow day today! Albert and the boys were out of school! All the districts around are closed for the day...and its a friday! Yea!!!!! We are spending the day playing in the snow and getting ready for Grandad's visit tomorrow afternoon. Albert mentioned today that the airport had cancelled some flights this morning but hopefully by tomorrow it won't be a problem.

We took the babies in the snow this afternoon for the first time was not a hit. when we first opened the door, Isaiah didn't want to go out and step on it...he was a little bit scared. We didn't have the camera so we shut the door again until Albert had the camera and when we opened it the second time, he did better. They both cried mostly, I guess they didn't like the cold. Espicially Alexandria. She's just like me! Of course maybe it's because she fell as soon as she stepped outside. The whole scene is captured on video. Albert was in the slightest of a bad mood, which is also obvious in the video. Ahhhh, the joys of 8 kids! Our foyer is sopping wet, because kids keep comming in to warm up and back out to play, then in to warm up, and back out to play. You get the idea. They then track the snow all througout the downstairs. I keep stepping in puddles!

We have a picture appointment for Sydney at 5:00. Not sure if we'll go or reschedule. Depends on what the roads are like by then. We also need to get to the grocery store as we have no food in the least no "good" food!

The boys are looking very forward to their Grandad's visit (as are Albert and I) He hasn't seen baby Sydney yet so it should be a lot of fun. So for the rest of the afternoon....ITS CLEANING TIME! Seriously, espicially the boys' bathroom.


BoufMom9 said...

How cute! They look so adorable! Love the big snowsuits! (that's what E & W hated! The bulky coats)
Surely you could skip the food store and just have fruit roll-ups and chips for dinner??? That's from 2 basic food groups, right? Then, add a spoonful of peanut better each and a glass of milk and you're covered! LOL
Hope you enjoy your family visit!
Call me when you can sneak a moment!

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

Oh my, how freaking cute do they look in their snow outfits.

Lois said...

Snow days? How fun! I have lived in a snow-laden place for 20 years and never had a snow day. They only close the schools if all the power goes out (and at the university they just hold class in the dark).

Oh Boufmom9, you are a true mother of nine! My mother of 9 (I'm the youngest) used to give us snacks of spoonfuls of peanut butter all the time.

Lynn said...

You know I really don't miss snow days...and stepping in slush on carpets with sock feet...nope, don't miss that at all!

Shannon said...

OMG Angela, they are so cute in their snowsuits!

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