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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

These days my computer time is seriously lacking! Albert has a billion IEP's due in the next days and weeks and this literally translates to him having to keep the computer with him constantly. That means it's always either at work with him, or home but he's using it or getting ready to use it. It's 11 at night, and I've just now gotten to get my hands on it!
Anyhow, Saturday was Albert and Brice's birthday. We had a great family day. Originally Albert and I planned to go out together that night since we'd already had the kids' party the night before but when it came down to it, Al didn't want to be away from the kids. Drew had his band competition that afternoon and earned a 1 (the highest rating they'll give out at that comp) so we were very proud. He had been really nervous on the drive over ...constatnly asking what time it was and a million other fidgety questions.
After the competition, we went buy a rib shack that Albert had been dying to try out and got a big order of take out. Being that I'm not exactly the soul food type, Albert then drove by McDonalds to get something for me and the twins. Then...this is the fun part of the day....we laid out a big pallet of blankets and pillows in the loft (it was only about 4 o'clock by now) and all the kids and us watched movies together all night. We also ate a strawberry cake that I baked that afternoon. It was the most fun birthday celebration ever. I think I'll have my birthday like that also...with all our babies and blankets and pillows and movies. So fun...and so much better than going out.
Albert and I have started excercizing together. I swear it kills me every time I have to move...but I've got to do something to support my ridiculous eating habits and giving up food just isn't working. So, I'd better at least step up the physical movement. Today we walked three miles together. Honestly I love the time together more than I care about the health benefits.
Also this morning, I took Drew to the lab to have his platelets checked. It's always a big fiasco to use the outpatient lab but it saves us the drive into St. Louis to use our hematology office.
As usual, the lab didn't have the paperwork even though I'm quite sure it had been faxed over the previous day by Tracey at clinic. So I had to call and Tracey had to fax it again and you'd think that the lab guy could just draw the CBC while we're waiting but then you'd be wrong b/c the lab guy insists that he needs to be sure what the docs are ordering before he can draw the blood. Despite my protests that it would in fact be the exact same CBC order we've been getting for over ten years now...we still had to wait...and wait...and wait....Our babysitter Jeni was out in the car with the babies and finally I had to go get her to tell her to come inside since it was taking forever.
After it was over though, we dropped Drew at school and went to El Sombrero for lunch...YUM! See why I have to excercize???
No word yet on the status of Drew's platelet count. I'll get it first thing in the morning and so help me, if I have to go to clinic....I might loose it. Really looking forward to staying home cleaning the house tomorrow.
Good night all, more updates to come as soon as I can get some computer time!


BoufMom9 said...

I have soooo been having a serious Angela withdrawl! Call me when you get a "free" moment. hahahaha
The birthday sounds heavenly! I love just bundling up and hanging out with all the kids, esp. when the babies are still awake as well. It's just so cozy. :)

Lynn said...

Was wondering where you were!
Wish my hubby would go walking with me...not sure he wants to go 5 miles...or 8...or wanna come join me?!

The Corradetti Clan said...

ang, love the vidoe. He is just adorable. I miss you.

Jenn H said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!!! UGH about the lab fiasco!! Can't he just get a standing order put in?

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