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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drew's platelets

So, Dr. Bob's office called today to say that his platelets are 52. That means 52,000. Anyhow, normal is between 150,000 - 350,000 so he's a bit low. Here's the catch. He isn't low enough to treat, but low enough that now we have to check again tomorrow. Oh joy. It's possilbe that he may just "hang out" at that level and not go up or down. I hate that particular point becuase it isn't high enough for me to be comfortable but too high to really worry. To put it in perspective, if you need surgery and have a disease similar to his, they will check your platelet level first and if its 50,000 you can usually have surgery. So he's okay where he is...I just wish it would climb a little higher. 50,000 is also the cutoff at which he can or cant ride his bike, skate ect as well as the cutoff at which a car accident would be a problem for him. So, hopefully it will either fall so it can be treated, or climb so he'll be better.
Tomorrow is also Brice's 3 year checkup and Sydney's 4 month checkup. Can't wait to see what she weighs!
Getting ready to watch American Idol in about an hour. We're all betting on who is going to be kicked off. I think it must be that girl who turned "8 Days A Week" into a country gig. Now, I like the song and I like country but I did not like the two together....not at all...
The housebreaking with the puppy is comming along but not as well as I'd like. Zoe will happily use the potty outside and even know the word "potty" but she will just as happily piddle in the house if you don't recognize her signs of "needing to go"
So, right now "Moment of Truth" is on. I don't know why I even allow it to be on in the house. It i s sad how the show takes advantage of people and thier feelings and emotions. It's sick, but alas, I can't stop watching. It was better when I never started but then I saw it when Drew had it on and it is interesting. Have a good night everyone...


BoufMom9 said...

I'm so sorry about Drew's counts! Why didn't you tell me while we were chatting?
UGH! Sorry you have to go back & do the counts again! I'm going to add Drew to my prayer list and please keep me updated on the test results.
I'll call you tomorrow afternoon if that works for you???

Lynn said...

Praying that Drew's counts go back to where they should be.
As for the show you're watching...well that's what the "off" button is for on the TV!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Sorry abot Drew´s exam!!!! hope tomorrows count come better

albert & angela fontenot said...

I didn't mention it cause it's not really that big of deal. He just has Chronic ITP which is a low platelet count. It's only serious or life threatening if you don't get it treated but if you go in for treatment when the count is low, its really fine and no biggie.
I didn't not mention it on purpose, just didn't think of it...

TONYA said...

Ang, how did all of the appointments go today? Weights and Drew?????

Jenn H said...

Hope that the retest on Drew's counts showed marked improvement. Saying prayers for him!!

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