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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Someone else asked "The Question"

Okay, this is a story I forgot to post last week when we had to take Sydney into urgent care for her pnemonia (no, I still haven't learned how to spell it correctly).
Before I tell the story though, I must inform you all that tonight my oldest son Drew, lettered in band and I missed it! I did not realize he was receiving any awards at Honors Night and was led to beleive he was merely playing in the band. Those of you familiar with Drew's acedemic situation know precicely why it wouldn't have occured to me, or to anyone sane, that Drew would be associated in any way with Honor's Night, other than to play his clarinet. Anyhow, he lettered and I missed it. I was so upset I started crying when he told me. No pictures, no memories, nothing. I feel very crappy. Mom, please refrain from making me feel crappier.
Okay, on with the story.
Last week when we were at urgent care waiting for the doctor (a really cool dr. named Michelle) the nurse walked in and began asking several questions regarding whether Sydney attends daycare ect. When I told her that I stay home and how many children we had she got the standard shocked look on her face. As her gaze darted back and forth between Albert and myself, and the maternity shirt I was wearing, she scrunched up her mouth and asked..."THE QUESTION." "THE QUESTION" is the one most hated by both Albert and I...the one we most wish that people would refrain from asking.
I supressed a grin. I felt Albert's foot tap mine at the end of the exam table. There were many answers I wanted to give Nurse Nosy. The first one that came to mind was
"uhhh, the desire to save our sons life maybe..."
But Albert has convinced me that answers like this to most people are a waste of time. Nurse Nosy doesn't understand the situation and do we really want to explain it all right now???
I was then seized by another thought. The next time someone asks THE QUESTION , I swear I am going to answer
I can't wait to see the look on the next person's face. I have warned Albert that from now on, this will be my reply. He just laughed and probably silently prayed that no one from church or his job will be the next to ask...


Lynn said...

Yup....been asked "THE QUESTION" a few times myself! Why do they have to make such a big deal about big families?!!!!!!

Katie said...

Ok really I am sure you are tired of hearing the QUESTION! Hell I am tired of making a trip up there everytime you have a kid! Just kidding. But really you can't create a spot light for yourself and then get upset when the spotlight is on you. Does that make sense? Its like dying your hair hot pink with spike and piercing your face- and then ask everyone what they are looking at? HELLO!!!!!!!! Angela........ you are bordering fame here- anyday day now Oprah will be calling you and why? Because you have so many frippin kids. Most people do not have that many thats why you get the reaction you do. The most important thing here however is not the Questions you are asked but that Drew had a huge moment in his life! I will be calling him today! GO DREW! I am so proud of you!

The Romero-Schroeder said...


Queen Telling said...

Great post-we have a sort of instant big family and get "the question" all the time now. I am learning from other's blogs on how to respond. lol

TONYA said...

Oh Ang, I'm so sorry you missed such a wonderful moment. I would have been in tears too. Throw him a little celebration and then you'll have a way to remember his big night :).

I dare you to tell people it's b/c of hot sweaty sex, go on, I double dare you.

BoufMom9 said...

Oh! So sad you missed out on Drew's accomplishment! Why didn't Drew tell you? (or didn't he know???)
As far as "the question"... I have to say that although I do agree that you 7 I having this many kids leaves the door open for "nosy", it bugs the hell out of me that people can control their mouths. It is one thing to think it, but quite another to say it. UGH!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Ang, I am so sorry you missed Drew's big night! I will have to agree with Tonya and have a celebration at home. Can you maybe call some of the other moms or the school and see if anyone has video of the night!!

"The Question" I HATE the question. I usually just say "NO, still trying to figure that one out!"

Please let us know if anyone has asked the question so you can give your answer!

bestfamily said...

Oh God I hate the Question! I am known to reply "Yep, I also know what to do about it, and when to stop." Cuz inevitably someone else will ask "Do you know how to stop that from happening?" It's almost as bad as the question about our twins that we all get.."Are the natural?" No they are freakin aliens from Jupiter...don't tell anyone.

WTG! Drew! that is awesome Ang. Sorry you missed out. Have you checked with any of the other parents to see if someone got a pic of it? I sure hope you can find one!

MamaBriggs said...

Sorry about Drew's award.

But I'm LMAO about what you are going to say to the next nosey person! You should tell that not only is it hot sweaty sex, but that the hot sweaty sex causes the condem to break everytime! LOL. Make sure that u carry a camera with you so that you can snap a picture of the person's face when you tell them that! J/K.

How are you feeling?(beside tired and sick)

Anonymous said...

LOL!! My friends have a 7yo, a 3yo, a 2yo, a 1yo, and #5 is due in August. They get The Question a lot, and Mom's answer is (with a completely blank innocent look), "No, I'm not sure. Could you please explain it to me? In DETAIL?"

lisa said...

I'm so sorry you missed Drew's lettering.

So why do you have such a big family :-)

(I just want to hear the answer).


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