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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Baby is a teenager!!!

I can't beleive that today Drew turns 13 years old!!! How can we be the parents of a teenager! It's just after midnight here...we stayed awake with him so that we could be the first to say "Happy Birthday" to our oldest baby...but we were almost beaten to the punch when the phone rang at 12:03. Who was it????? A girl!!!! One of the little girls in the neighborhood was calling to say "Happy Birthday". I think she and Drew have a crush on each other!!!
We are going to bed in just a bit and in the morning we will start our day of celebrating Drew's birthday. We are just celebrating with family tomorrow and then Tuesday, Drew and his friends are going to Raging Rivers for the day. I know they'll have a blast. We'll take some pics thoroughout the day when we wake up...or at least as many as we can with our camera battery dying....I'll try to post them as soon as possible.
All throughout the day today, I've been giving Drew a play by play of exactly what was going on thirteen years ago at that moment. We have all throuroughly enjoye it so much that I think a new tradition has been made. The other kids want to hear all about when they were born as well and I told them that they'll have to wait for thier birthdays to hear the long version, play by plays of the day they were born as well. Brice's will be quite cool becasue all the kids were there and the older ones can participate in telling the story. We have all enjoyed hearing Drew's story throughout the day, even Albert as he was away at MCT training and missed the birth so some pieces of the story are interesting to him as well.
It's so hard to beleive that Drew is so close to being grown up. He is still just as precious to me as the day he was born...only now with a deep voice, broad shoulders and a tall body!!!


BoufMom9 said...

Happy Birthday drew!
Isn't it crazy Ang? I find it so hard to believe that I have kids going into HIGHSCHOOL! (gasp!)

Lynn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DREW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday.
My "baby" just turned 18! Only have adult children now! How is THAT possible?!

CC said...

Happy Birthday to Drew! How cool of an idea to tell them all about the day they were born... sounds like a good blog post as well (hint, hint)! I have 1 teenager (who is getting ready to drive) it is hard to believe our kids can be so grown up!

Jeni Peterson said...

Hey ang.....tell Drew I wish him the best and congrats on becoming a teenager as well as Happy belated birthday.....he has really grown up in the time I have known him and he is a BIG help when i babysit the kids for you.....

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

TONYA said...


Hope you had a great time at Raging Rivers.

How cute that a girl called him to wish him happy birthday right after midnight ... now that's a crush if I've ever seen one.

The Rhoderick Family said...

You are such a wonderful mom Angela!!! Your children are so blessed to have such an awesome mom in their lives.

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