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Thursday, August 7, 2008

As many of you have noticed we have new buttons on the blog for our friend Tuesday. I know Tuesday's mom, JK through our twins group and her twins (Tuesday and Piper) are the same age as Isaiah and Alexandria.
Tuesday was recently diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma and is in the hospital recieving chemotherapy to fight her cancer. Please pray for this family as they are very special. It's been very hard for JK and her husband Charlie with one baby at the hospital and three other kids at home (the girls have two older brothers, Axel and Spencer). Due to the seriousness of Tuesday's condition, JK is often unable to hold or cuddle her. She is in critical condition in the PICU right now. Please send as many prayers as possilbe their way.
Today has been a long, dreary, boring sort of day. We have put a call into the pediatrician because Jackson has now spouted a new rash on his tummy, chest and back. Not sure if its just part of the Kowasaki disease or some new type of thing. We're hoping very hard that we won't have to bring him in to get looked at. Other than the rash, he seems fine and has no other symptoms. No fever, no soreness anywhere, no difficulty with breathing, he is playing fine and seems happy and content. He did breifly tell us that the rash itches but he didn't make that announcement until we "discovered" the rash so I'm not sure if it really itches or if he'd just like to win himself another trip into the ER.
Also today, I looked over an information sheet about ADHD and hilariously enough, Brice matched up on EVERY SINGLE kidding. As I read all the bulleted "symptoms" out loud to Albert we would stop and watch him for a few minutes....he threw the football into the television set. He lept off the couch pretending to be Robo Cop. He crashed through a pile of toys. He tripped over the dog. Albert and I looked at each other, quite certain that he'll be needing medication or some other type of intervention as he gets older. Next week, we go in for Brice's Pre-K screening. I hope he gets in. God, I feel sorry for his teacher if he does!


Sharlene said...

Here's hoping for no ER visits this week Ang! I am not surprised about Brice. Maybe medication will be a godsend for you. i just would hate for him to lose personality. Hang in there hon!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have a son with ADHD and I implore you to try everything else available before you medicate. My son has been on 'meds' since he was 6, he is now 17 and still on 'meds' and can't seem to function with out them. He hates having to take them everyday and says he wishes we had found an alternative before we medicated him as he feels it has labelled him a 'problem child'. Sorry to rant, just my opinion. Good luck

Lynn said...

Was watching part of a little league game and one of the best players was a Fontenot. Don't suppose it's any relation?
When you realize that one of your kids has ADHD it gives you more tools and helps you understand what's going on. My middle daughter has it...for a while I didn't think I was going to have any hair left at all. Once I realized this is what she had I was able to figure out different ways to work with her. She was never on any meds.
For what it's worth...she makes more than any of the rest of my kids. She was offered a managership of a KFC before she was even 18. She works harder than pretty much anyone I know. Now she helps manage an apartment complex but that isn't enough for her...she's going for a realtor there's hope!

Jenn H said...

Hope there are no more ER visits!! Sorry he has another rash!! Poor little Brice, its tough enough being a little boy as it is without that. Hopefully you guys can find something to help him. I've been looking into diet modification for awhile as our oldest leans towards that quite a bit and I wonder if it could be diet related with his sensitive tummy and system.

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, if you need to chat about ADHD, just give me a call. I have 3 kids who have it. David is on meds and neither keith or Teddy require them...YET...
Our diet is really helping a ton too! I could give you a couple of the really good, easy recipes (that are flavor & fat free for you of course. UGH! Sorry. Bad joke. )

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