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Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Saga Continues...

Okay so we get to just watch the rash on Jackson's tummy since he has no other symptoms (and "miraculously" stopped complaining about it itching). As we speak, Albert is shoe shopping for school gym shoes for all five of the oldest Fontenot boys. Then they are dropping by Albert's school so that he can organize his desk before the year starts back again for him (on Monday). I'd bet my last buck that desk organizing gets cut short (don't forget....Brice is with them). I just know Brice will have been a menace at the shoe store. I wonder what it will be this time...will he topple a display??? Shove merchandise into his pockets??? Or ask complete strangers why their head is big???? Keep laughing Debi, but all of these things have happened before!
Yesterday was our midwife appointment. Apparently we have to have a second ultrasound due to a "slight decrease in cephalic index" I didn't even bother to ask too many questions or get upset...just smiled and thought...oh boy! Something else to worry about! We went downstairs and scheduled the appointment and ended up scheduling for next Monday (the 18th). We could have had it sooner but it would have meant the same tech we had last time (I know you all remember her) and there's NO WAY I am going through a scan with her again. So we pushed back a few days in order to get on another tech's schedule. Other than that our midwife appointment went really well. I absolutely adore our midwife...she's the greatest. I am alwys excited to see her. The baby's heartbeat was fabulous at 145 bpm. I'm thinking boy on that one.
This next couple of weeks should make for intersting blogging. On the 12th we have....drumroll please...ANOTHER WIC APPOINTMENT. I know a couple of you like those posts. The dread I feel in anticipating this particular appointment far surpasses all the others...of ever before. Why do you ask? Oh, because this appointment is a certification appointment for me, Brice, Isaiah, Alexandria and will take forever, require endless documentation and undoubetedly will result in some type of chaos or catastrophic event...which will only seem hilarious after the fact. Worse yet, this is an appointment Albert made with full promises that he would actually be present to personally handle the flurry of frusterations, tears, and tantrums (mine, not the kids) that usually comprise a WIC appointment. Unfortunatley, he has to work so he will not be able to fufil this promise (secretly, I belive the knew this full well when he scheduled the appointment!) Also in the mix of the next 2 weeks we have the aforementioned repeat ultrasound, a cardiologist appointment for Jackson, checkups for Sydney and Emanuel, shool registrations, Brice's Pre-K testing and possilby a platetlet check for Drew thrown in for good measure! Oh yeah, and Albert keeps reminding me to schedule dental exams for the whole family! God, I feel my blood pressure rising already!


Jennifer said...

Oh my! What a busy couple weeks!! Good luck making it through all those appointments. Hope all the results are perfect :)

Jenn H said...

Oh Ang, I don't know how you do it all with such grace and dignity. How is school going for you?

Lynn said...

Sounds like fun there as always...does it ever calm down there? Hoping for a peaceful day today!

BoufMom9 said...

How do you know? Do you hear me??? LMAO!

The Collins Family said...

MY blood pressure is rising thinking of keeping all of those appointments...please put the teeth cleaning off for a month or so! I hope all the appointments turn out well!

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