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Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Twins Birthday Celebration

Even though the twins dont turn two until tomorrow, we celebrated today so that everyone was out of work and out of school and could be together. We took all the kids to Eckart's Orchard to pick apples. It was quite a stressful event for Albert and I to be honest, and we focused really hard on making it fun for the kids. We didn't take the big stroller because for one it would be too difficult to manage in the gravel and in the dirt, it wouldn't fold up neatly for the tractor rides and because its rather expensive and unique we wouldn't have felt comfortable leaving it unattended while we were on the tractor. Second, we wanted the twins to have a great time, and not be confined to the stroller as they usually are. The day was supposed to be about them so we didn't wanted to keep them strapped into a stroller. Instead, we just brought along an umbrella stroller for Sydney.
When we got there it was super crowded. We did get a wagon because the babies were interested in riding in that and it was able to go over the gravel and dirt easily.
We stopped in tons of places for pictures. I'd post them now but I can't becuase Albert has to take the computer to work so that he can get it configured to allow him to download and upload stuff. Then we can put the Kodack program back on otherwise it saves all the pics from our camera too big to use for anything and won't allow us to resize.
The kids all had a great time picking apples. They loved the tracktor ride and running through the orchard picking up apples....even though most of the ones the twins picked were off the ground. Though the temp was only 81 out, it was pretty hot and I must admitt, I didn't last too long out there.
When we left, we stopped by for ice cream for everyone. The orchard had ice cream too, but it was way too expensive and wayyyy to crowded. Sonic was a much quieter, nicer and inexpensive choice. After Sonic we made a family trip to the grocery store to pick out a cake for the babies. The boys picked out a yellow cake and we took it to the bakery to get it written on. As luck would have it, our cake was the bakery woman's first ever attempt at writing on cakes and after a few minutes she came out to tell us that she had unfortunately messed it up but that someone else was comming in a few moments to fix it. If she only knew, it was just us and the kids and the kids were sure to devour the cake within seconds of its cutting, so it really didn't matter if the writting wasn't perfect.
We also got the twins little iced brownies so that they would have something of their own since they had to share the cake.
We made grilled cheese and soup for dinner ( I made the twins' grilled cheese in the shape of a pumpkin) and then let the twins open their presents. It was the usual circus of older kids trying to help too much..babies grabbing each other's presents, Sydney trying to eat the paper. Then we got out the cake and realized we forgot to buy candles. Albert insisited of using sparklers instead and put two sparklers on top of the cake. Not such a great idea. We ended up with tons of smoke in the house and horrified babies. The twins cried and ran away and little black pieces of burned up sparkler now dotted the cake, which we all ate anyway. The twins ate their iced brownies. More accurately, Alexandria stole Isaiah's and ate two while Isaiah just sat there. Occasionally, she fed him a bite. When we caught it, we made her return the stolen brownie. Then Albert bathed them and they went to bed. Ahhh, what a long day. We got free coupons to another orchard that has haunted hayrides but I think we'll wait until the weather cools off a bit more so that I last a bit longer! Tomorrow is our babies' real birthday but we'll probably just have a quiet day.


BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like a GREAT way to celebrate their day (even with the sparklers dirtying up the cake and all)
Nothing like spending some good old fashioned family time.

Happy Birthday Babies!!!

The Rhoderick Family said...

Happy Birthday Alex and Isaiah!!!! It sounds like you had quite an eventful day. The sparklers on the cake made quite a funny mental image. Improvising is the best!!! Love you girl.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

It sounds like a really nice celebration!!!!

Sharlene said...

How fun! I am glad the little ones had a big day!

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