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Monday, October 27, 2008

Pig Races, Haunted Hay Rides and a Halloween Parade

This past weekend was really full for us. Saturday Albert and I took the three babies and went to get the brakes checked out on the van. We knew it was going to be bad because we could already hear the grinding sound that indicates the rotors are bad, we were hoping though that maybe they could just be resurfaced. Sadly, NOT. We debated taking two cars so that we wouldn't be stuck waiting and could leave the van there and then drive over to the mall to walk around or something but decided it wasn't worth having to deal with the hassle of moving car seats ect. We figured that there was plenty of shops and stores (Khols, Old Navy ect) within easy walking distance of Midas so we only brought one car plus the quad stroller (I LOVE that quad stroller). We dropped the van off and headed over to Khols. We just browsed and looked at some ideas for stuff for Chirstmas for the kids. We did buy one maternity sweater for me though, becuase as we crossed the street on our walk over, I'd felt a mild breeze on the bottom over my belly and discovered my current shirt was quite covering things. After Khol's we walked to Old Navy and then to an electronics store so that Albert could drool over all the big screens we can't afford! We planned out how we would have our media room laid out if we ever won the lottery. So much fun. Then Midas called with the grim news...the van was going to cost $700 to fix!!!!!
The brake pads and rotors needed replaced and the drums needed resurfaced. They said it would be about an hour and half to repair, and the babies were getting cranky and fed up with the stroller so we headed over to a nearby resteraunt for lunch. We had a great, relaxed, long lunch...I took off my shoes and propped my legs over Alberts. We drew the regular tons of attention due to the three highchairs lined up all in a row. The babies made a huge mess and Sydney ate so much food we once again were sure she has a parasite somewhere..just kidding.
Then after lunch we made our way back to Midas where we ended up waiting another two hours for the van to be done. Luckily, the only made us pay part of the bill and then post date two checks for the balance so we can spread out the $700 over the course of the next month. So glad Albert could take on two additional jobs so that we can hand all the extra cash over to Midas!!! At least we were able to pay for it though. Without the other jobs it would have been a nightmare to say the least.
Later in the day was Brandon's football game. We took the whole family to cheer him on. His team lost (as they almost always do) but we had a great time watching him. Albert volunteered for the chain gang again....I don't think he's physically able to just sit in the stands...he always has to be doing something. On one hand I find it irritating b/c I would like to be able to enjoy the game too, not just tend to the babies while Albert is on the field...and without help the whole time amounts to just tending to need after another...but on the other hand I know how much he loves being on the field to help and to steer Brandon right so I don't least not too much!
Sunday Drew was in a Halloween parade. My back was extremely sore and I was having some issues with getting enough oxygen (due I'm sure to my crappy iron levels. It happens every pregnancy). I wanted to go but didn't think I'd make it out there standing and walking the whole way. The babies were napping anyhow so I got the oldest five dressed in their costumes and then Albert took them. They had a blast and Albert got pictures.
When they got home, they headed out to Millstadt to the other location of Eckert's Orchard. We have one just a few miles from here but had never been to the bigger one. When we took the twins to the local one for their birthday, one of the operators had given Albert free passes to the big one. Again, I couldn't go which I hated cause I'd been really looking forward to taking the kids. Albert offered over and over to push me in a wheel chair so I could still go. But that would have left the kids to push the stroller and hlep too much with the babies. Waiting until another weekend wasn't an option becuase they close after Halloween and this was the last weekend possible. Albert took the oldest five and I know they were glad to not have to help with little siblings for once! I know this becuase they told me...over and over and over how great it was not to have to push a stroller or deal with babies! So I felt good about the decision to stay home and I was happy for the older kids. They got to ride rides, watch them shoot pumpkins out of a cannon, watch the pig races and go on a haunted hay ride!
Brandon loved the pig races the best. All but Drew got to participate (the farmers picked volunteers out of the audience. Drew is the size of an adult so he just stayed with Albert and left the volunteering for the littler ones) Each kid stood in front of their assigned pig and called it. Emanuel's pig won. Brandon's pig refused to run...possibly because Brandon was too embarrassed to really call him properly. The call was "SOO-WEE!" really loudly. Since Manny's pig won he got a prize. It's lovely really. It's a key chain of a pink pig and when you squeeze it, brown poo comes out of its bottom. Discusting really.
The haunted hay ride was lots of fun. Manny fell out of his seat. Brice peed his pants. Unfortunately, he was seated in Drew's lap. They came home full of excitement, and stories and bubbling with laughter and fun. Jackson exclaimed "Mom, can you come with us next time and bring the whole family!" The older kids were completely thankful that the babies had stayed home.
Albert said they had spaces you could rent for $50 that had a bonfire pit and lots of hay bales to block the wind. You could then bring your own food and have a fun night by the fire. Next year, I think we are going to try to find a sitter for the little babies and take all the kids that are three and up (that will be everyone but Syd and the new baby) and spend a whole day there.
So that was our fun weekend. We're trying to pack in some fun for the kids now since the new baby is comming soon. Anywhere from two-five weeks. So hard to beleive!
We took a family poll last week and wrote down what each kid thought the gender would be, the weight and length, date of birth and what name the baby would get. I'll have to post it soon...but just for a sample...Brice says we're having a GIRL...named ZACH!


BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh Ang! You sure have been keeping busy!
Ok, so I'm guessing... you are having a boy on Nov.4th... election day and Terri's boys' birthday :) Not sure why i picked that date, but just sounds good to me ;)

Ok, tried calling you...hmmm, call me , I need to laugh laugh & laugh... MISS YOU TONS!

The Rhoderick Family said...

Where do I even begin with this. So funny! What kind of a prize is a pig with crap coming out of it's rear-end. EWWWW!!! Poor Brice having an accident. It sounds like it was a much needed outing for all the kids since they are such good helpers I am sure most of the time. :) I hope to see you soon so we can talk more. I always love hanging out with you and your family.

* TONYA * said...

WOW honey, what a busy but fun weekend ... except the van of course, that bites the big one.

Love the haunted hay ride story LOL. Poor boys.

Brice is too funny ... a girl named Zach.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG so much activity i would be so tired..

Anonymous said...

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