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Friday, November 7, 2008

Halloween pics and a couple pics of Brice's school "PJ Party"

Here are some pics of Halloween. The big kids scattered so quick we didn't get much on film of them but we did get lots of the little ones... The first one with the "SAW" mask on is Brandon. Isaiah is the bee, Alexandria is the witch fairy and Syd is the unhappy flower. Sydney didn't enjoy the whole costume thing. She wanted her's off. It was so precious though, I kept taking pictures of her and she kept getting madder and madder. Isaiah seemed to enjoy trick or treating but only from the comfort of his stroller. He wanted to sit in a stroller and be pushed from door to door holding his candy bag in his lap. Alexandria loved walking and wanted to walk by herself to all the doors. Sometimes she got scared though, by the sound effects and decorations. They all had a good night. Even Drew who was in trouble seemed to have fun...


BoufMom9 said...

OH.MY.GOSH! I can't get over how BIG Sydney looks! She is a KID! Where did the time go???
LOVE all of the great costumes & I was so glad we finally caught up today!!!
I have missed you a ton!

Count down is on until you catch up to me :)

Sharlene said...

The kids look so adorable. I agree. Sidney looks like a kid!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OMG the kids look so great.... oh and the unhappy FLOWER

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