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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Brice is getting married!!!

Okay, so for the past couple of months, Brice has been fixated (or perhaps I should say obsessed) with getting married. It all started one night when he saw Albert and I kiss and then he tried to kiss me in a similar fashion and I had to explain to him that some kisses were only okay between husbands and wives. He then thought about it for a moment and suggested that I become his wife. When I told him that this would not be possible becuase I was already married to his Daddy, the search began for a wife for Brice. Perhaps it wouldn't be so funny but for the fact that when Brice says the word "wife" the "w" is somehow replaced by an "L" so what he actually says is "life" as in "Mommy, can you be my life?" He evenutally gave up on his hopes of me being his "life" and moved on to my sister Katie. For a couple of weeks there he told me that Katie was going to be his "life." Others who have made Brice's short list of possible "life's" include all three of his sisters and ocassionally, one or two of his brothers (you can imagine their reactions..."Ewww...gross!") However, Brice has finally reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and his search is over. He informed me at breakfast a few mornings ago that he had things all figured out.
He said "When I'm older Mommy, I'm going to have a life." I nodded and told him that I would be very happy for him. Then he explained.
"When I'm four I will marry Alyssa. Then when I'm six, I will marry Julianna." Both girls are in his Pre-K class. He was so proud of his solution.
I explained to him that indeed, each of us has a lifetime limit of only ONE spouse. Just one. For your entire "life". I told him thus he'd better pick wisely. He look a bit deflated, let out a big sigh and said "Okay then. Alyssa."
I thought I was going to fall off the chair laughing.
He's remined me every morning since that he'll be getting married when he's four! He thinks that four is the height of adulthood. Guess he'll have to reevaluate in March!
Though I must say...this is somewhat less embarrassing than Brice's breastfeeding obsession in which after watching a friend breastfeed her daughter....Brice shamelessly breastfed every babydoll and stuffed animal in the house for weeks, much to Albert's chagrin! Albert has ruined that though and now Brice tells me solemly when he sees baby Bree nursing... "Only Mommies can breastfeed babies!"


The Rhoderick Family said...

Oh Brice!!! He is just such a character!

Debbie Moore said...

How cute is he? I love this age!! Caleb is so much fun!

Christy said...

Too funny!! You always keep me laughin'!

Sharlene said...

I seriously love this kid.

* TONYA * said...

OMG I'm seriously rolling on the floor laughing. Brice is such a funny kid.

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