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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Thrilling Emergency

Well, well, well. Yet another Fontenot family emergency. Poor Isaiah is sick. Yesterday he developed a fever out of nowhere. Seriously, when he woke up from nap he was fine, 30 minutes later he was buring up. I checked his temp and it was 104.3 so I gave him dose of Tylenol. Not 10 minutes later, he had a febrile seizure. It was quite scary to watch even though I knew thats what it probably was. I calld 911 and the dispatcher was a bit slow but helpful. She kept saying she couldn't help until she got all of our information, such as address and phone number. Albert was freaking out because it was really a scary thing to see. He kept saying "Angela! Do something!" I kept telling him there was nothing we could do and that Isaiah would come out of it.
The ambulance and police arrived shortly, in full view of many neighbors who had gathered outside. Someone called our good friend Sharon, who arrived at our house only moments after the ambulance left for the hospital.
For about an hour after the seizure, Isaiah didn't have much control over his limbs or behavior which they said was normal. They were going to do a spinal tap to check him for meningitis but decided not to since he perked up greatly after the hour had passed.
It was so hard for me to send Albert in the ambulance with Isaiah instead of me going with him, but since Kambree is exclusively breastfed, I can't be away from her. I've never had a baby that age go to the hospital without mommy though, it was hard!
I stayed at home with the other children, got through dinner and bedtime and then Bree and I left to join Albert and Isaiah at the hospital.
An X ray showed a possible spot of pnemonia on his lung but they weren't certain. He got a dose of Rocephin and a RX for amoxicillian. Lots of fluids and meds to bring his fever down and then we were discharged. Thank goodness!
We have never had a child have a febrile seizure though I know they are relatively common and that they aren't dangerous. I'm so happy that's all it was. What a releif. We got home after midnight, and Isaiah slept with us on the couch downstairs. Now we have yet another one to bring to the pediatrician's office today. It never stops...


The Rhoderick Family said...

How scary!!!! I have never experienced one of those before either...I think I would FLIP!!!!! Praise God he's okay!!!

The Eadle Family said...

OMG, how scary! I have never experienced one either. I would have done the exact same thing. Glad he is doing better now though. Wow.

Sharlene said...

It truly never ends for you. I am so glad he is okay. Seizures are so scary.

* TONYA * said...

OMG honey, I would have totally freaked. The one and only time Flynn had a seizure (still unknown what the cause was b/c there was no fever) we missed it and found him slumped on the floor in a state very much to which you described Isaiah - very weak, no control over anything, spaced out, unable to even acknowledge our existence. I can't imagine actually witnessing the seizure.

Let's hope that's the end of that and he has no more.

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