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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Home from the hospital

We are home. Yesterday we took Bree to her pediatrician as we were still uncomfortable with how she was breathing and still doubting the nurse from Urgent Care who had said she was okay. Turns out we were right. Her pediatricain, Dr. Young called an ambulance and sent us to Children's Hospital. That would be two ambulance rides exactly a week apart. Seriously. As it turns out, she did improve that day and throughout the night and we were released this afternoon. I have learned even more than ever to trust my instinct. I KNEW we shouldn't have listened to the Urgent Care nurse. The hospital stay itself was pretty uneventful. Children's was okay (not usually the hospital we like) the only big drawback was the fact that the floor was jam packed with kids all having RSV and the like...privacy was lacking in a huge way. Bree is exclusively breastfed. Rooms there are semi- private. The seating for our side of the room was a bench style couch built into the wall. The curtain only closed around the patients bed leaving the bench/couch exposed. Thus I had no private place to privately nurse and my breasts were constantly exposed to doctors, residents, nurses, respitory therapists, janitoral staff, and cafeteria staff bringing up meal trays. Lovely. However, other than that, no complaints. The hospital staff was kind enough to feed me as I am a "breastfeeding mom".
We were released today and she seems to be improving. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be even better. The doctor said that the key is going to be to keep her from getting any new virus while her immune system is knocked down from this. Having recieved her two month vaccinations will help as it revved up her immune system last week.
Happily today was the first day in weeks that I've seen Sydney without snot dripping out of her nose and bugers covering her face. Hoping for an uneventful week....


BoufMom9 said...

I am so glad she is ok and home now. Poor baby girl.

It was so nice talking to you today. Comforting.
I look forward to chatting tomorrow without both of our kids bothering us. LOL

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