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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No candy eggs for Emanuel...

This week is flying by. Not that is has been particularly smooth, more so that it has just been without serious bumpage. Tuesday we did indeed have to take Brandon to clinic. Turns out whatever he had was indeed just a virus, and he didn't end up needing any treatment. Isaiah's appointment, however had to be rescheduled because I forgot my checkbook and was unable to pay the copayment. Good thing we had to be at the hospital anyway, so it wasn't a complete waste of our time. Isaiah went poop that same day, so I'm fairly confident in waiting until our rescheuled appointment...which is May 4th. Seriously, I'm glad he isn't doing poorly.
We had our annual Easter egg hunt this evening. I know, we are such slackers. It's been so ugly outside though and every night it seems something gets in the way. So we got it done and Brandon was the winner, with Jackson hot on his heels. Poor Emanuel was helping the babies and didn't get any "candy eggs." Those would be big plastic eggs stuffed with starburst or recees peanut butter cups. Sydney on the other hand, found more than her share of candy eggs, and proceeded to eat a peanut butter cup, without removing the wrapper first. She also tried to bite into a regular hard boiled egg. Isaiah smashed an egg on the floor. I'm not sure why I thought it was a good idea to include the babies. Something about not wanting them to miss out on all the fun stuff...Emanuel was miffed about his lack of candy eggs, Brandon had snatched up more than his share so hopefully he will be willing to spread the wealth.
In other exciting news, Isaiah has a rash. Hoping its just heat rash, since it was a little hot in his bedroom during naptime. Please don't be chickenpox. Not really sure what either of them look like though. Albert says he thinks it's just heat rash.
I just wrapped up my second assignment for school. It's pretty simple. I'm sure it will get harder. It'd be nice if it just stayed like this though....lots of reading and writing but that's pretty much it...oh yeah, I still don't know how to properly cite sources...I made it through a whole undergrad degree without ever learning to do it properly....better learn quickly.


Anonymous said...

Never a dull moment around there!
Hope it IS just a rash on Isaiah.
Glad Brandon's doing better...
Can't you just look up online how to cite things?

Ora said...

Hey! What's up with your phone!? I want to do lunch!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL about not being able to site things yet. Good luck with that!

My older kids didn;t get eggs either. here's hoping Manny doesn't do what gabi did (steal them. UGH!)

The Collins Family said...

hehe - I have a doctorate degree and still can't site sources! All you need is a great book - I still have the one that got me all the way through college :)Glad you had a good (mostly) egg hunt!

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