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Having twelve children is an amazing blessing and one heck of a crazy ride. Join us through all the joys, smiles, tribulations and trials as we navigate this fabulous journey!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

...Now Bree is sick too! Her fever was 101 under her arm this afternoon. She's cranky and crabby and nurses constantly. So much for getting anything done. At least I can be on the computer and hold her at the same time, so I've been on my email all day. A record participation day in my twins group for me! And Debi- where are you!?!
Football practices are underway for the boys. Jackson is a running back on his team! Yay!That's what he was hoping for. Brandon has a stripe on his helmet so he'll have to play the line, but that's alright (if you are over a certain weight, you can only play certain positions in order to decrease the chance of injuries to less-hefty players. Brandon is over that weight!) Emanuel's team doesn't have positions set yet, but its looking like D-line or O-line for him too. He's fine with D-line. Not too thrilled with O-line.
Drew gets home tonight! I can't wait to see him. He's been gone too long. I really miss him. The kids are all excited too!
Gotta run, kids are up from nap! Alex is wearing only a diaper and is singing a song she has made up entitled "My Belly, My Clothes." She also has in her hands, "heebow" alternatively pronounced "Haybow" This of course is her precious, prized, pink, polka-dotted hair bow that she wears constantly with everything, even in her sleep. If it comes out, she freaks. Sydney experimented for a day with Heebow's purple counterpart but as she isn't a girly-girl like Alex, the result was more comical than cute. Syd has since misplaced her heebow (or Alex has misappropirated it to her own stash...) Syd doesn't seem to care, as long as food is being served, she's a happy to snacktime....


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