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Friday, August 7, 2009

Morning stress...

...And the homework continues. Mine, not the kids. Not sure what's going to happen when they start school and bring home backpacks stuffed with papers and books and assignment that need to be returned.
Hoping for a better morning today, than yesterday. Yesterday, within 5 minutes of having the little ones awake, the dog and pottied on the floor, Sydney had come down the stirs saying "mama,look..." as she pointed to her bottom. What she was proudly showing me was that she'd taken off her diaper in her crib...not good. This usually means she has also peed in her bed. About 30 seconds later as she walked to her highchair, she tripped and fell into the dogs water bowl. Manny came downstairs and announced that Alexandria had thrown up in her bed. Seriously. I was cooking breakfast (eggs, susage and ham) and couldn't move from the stove or the food would burn. I asked Emanuel if he could please bring her crib sheet down and put it in the washer. He shook his head "I'm not touching that." Thanks Manny. Then get over here and scramble these 24 eggs. That caused a sudden change of heart and he ran up to grab the sheet.
Getting ready to wake up little ones agian. Hoping things go smoother.
Brandon's surgery has been scheduled for next Thursday at 10:30 a.m. He's very excited!


Perezosita said...

ang that's GREAT news about brandon! i hope the surgery goes smoothly and will say a prayer- lots of love to the whole fam! love, ALI

Anonymous said...

I will come over for the day on Thursday and keep an eye on the kids. My parents are out of town and I am staying with a friend over in the same neighborhood anyways so it would be no trouble at all. In fact it would be beneficially so that I would not have to haul all my stuff to work. I'll call you later or you can call me later and we can work it out. :D


Anonymous said...

Sorry you morning was so rough. Hope it got better as the day went on and oh my I hope nobody else decides to throw up!

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