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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Christmas Slacker

Yes, friends, I have become the Christmas Slacker. You know, the mom who doesn't even have the pictures uploaded yet for our family Christmas card, let alone having the cards ordered. I have not finished our Christmas shopping. Have not even finished our family's annual "December Calendar" in which we plan out a holiday related activity for each day of December up till Christmas. I guess since today is already the 10th- that task just got ten times easier!
Outside is not decorated yet (so Albert is the Christmas Slacker too!), stockings are not hung yet. Alas, I haven't purchased the thumbtacks to hang them. Would it be wrong to ask my hubby to misappropriate some thumbtacks from his job? He would never do it, so I guess I'll be making a voyage to Dollar General today.
I HAVE, on the other hand, purchased teacher gifts for the year, we have finished decorating two Christmas tree's and I have hung green garland around our banister (which my toddlers have since ripped down. Oh joy). And I have TAKEN the pictures for our Christmas card, even though I never did get around to the whole matching shirt thing for the boys....I just sort of tossed them all on the couch one day after school and yelled "Smile!....No, no, closer together...Jackson, make a nice face! Brice, shoes off the couch! Smile!"
Oh well. It is my fondest wish to become better organized. Not happening this week though! I'm waiting so patiently for the 18th when Albert and the kids will be finished with school/work for 2 weeks! 17 glorious days I'll have together with my hubby! I can't wait!


BoufMom9 said...

LOL! I am going to join you on this slacker bandwagon! I have NO tree and NO cards (although I think I'm narrowing it down) and NO PRESENTS bought yet! I have NEVER EVER been so bad before. UGH! God help me, I'm going ALL DAY shopping tomorrow...

ps Can't wait to see your pic!

Anonymous said...

Had a friend at church take photos of the family....then she forgot to give me the disk that next Sunday (she took them on thanksgiving)...this last Sunday she left church early and headed out of town...maybe this Sunday? At least Walgreen's or Sam's Club does it in an hour....
Praying right now!
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