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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is This Day Over Yet????????

Okay, everyone out there in blog-land. I have an issue that I totally need suggestions and advice for. In my fourteen years of parenting, I've never had this issue- at least not long term. Here it is...
My two oldest daughters, Alexandria and Sydney are causing problems at naptime/bedtime. In the form of
1)Alexandria takes off her clothes and/or wets the bed at every single naptime and bedtime
2)Sydney takes off her clothes and diaper and then potties (#1 and sadly sometimes #2) in her bed every single naptime.

Every afternoon/morning I find them naked with messed up sheets. This goes on twice a day. Every single day. Laundry is piling up because two loads a day are taken up with the girls bedsheets and blankets.
Here are the things I've tried already

-talking about it with the girls. They seem receptive. They tell me they understand. They nod their heads in agreement when we say "no more taking our clothes off in bed. No more wetting or pooping the bed." Then, hours later, they become repeat offenders.

- Spanking. Yes, I've resorted to spanking when I became sure they knew what they were doing. And yes, they know. They hold their bottoms and yell "no, no, no, I don't want a spanking!" when I come get them up from their naps or in the morning. They seem upset at the moment of spanking and seem to understand when we discuss the issue afterwards. But hours later, they become repeat offenders.

- shortening their naptime and waking them up earlier. My thinking was that maybe they are simply in there too long and get bored. Shortening naps, and getting up earlier in the morning have not helped.

-making sure Alexandria goes potty RIGHT before bedtime and naptime. Making sure Sydney has a BRAND NEW diaper right before nap/bedtime. Really, these are things I did anyhow.

So, dear readers...what should I do???? I'm going to scream if I have to launder another sheet/pillowcase/blanket/bedspread.
Advice please???????


Heather said...

Duct tape. Around the diaper. I used cloth diaper with velcro so I had to use diaper pins on top of that. Then, the one piece footie jammies (cut the footies off and put them on backwards), safety pin zipper closed. It's a phase. It lasted in our house about 4-5 months. Good luck!

Heather Perez

Patti said...

Putting them in onesies so they can't get their clothes off might work. Good luck!

Rita said...

Hi Angela- I'm a friend of Ora's. Hmmm not fun stuff. Do they sleep in the same room together and hence wake up together and bored, are looking for something to do? At what point to they take off their clothes before or after they take their naps? Then wake up and have fallen into one of those weird habit patterns that kids sometimes get into? Anyway a hidden camera would be helpful to see just how this goes down, does one encourage the other? Looking on the bright side, this could just be part or potty training and they don't want to use the diaper so don't fight it, maybe try putting a potty or two in their room. I have had some friends have to deal with some really stressful Freudian issues when they made too big of deals about bladder/bowel control so watch out about shaming and fear.

albert said...

Thanks ladies,
Rita- Alexandria is being potty trained. When she is awake she almost never has accidents. Even if we are away from home for a prolonged time she does great. This only happens when she is in her room supposed to be napping/sleeping.
Sydney we have not started potty training with.
Yes, they do sleep together and it usually happens before they even fall asleep. Not sure who the instigator is. I've caught them in the act a few times.
I don't want to go overboard with the shaming aspect of it and I don't want to overdiscipline them yet on the other hand I also don't find the behavior acceptable and want to convey that strongly. So in that sense, I want them to feel that what they are doing is negative. If they could launder their own bedding I wouldn't mind! LOL!
Heather- you are the second person to recommend duct tape. I laughed the first time someone said it but it is getting to that point!
Patti-I think they might just rip off the onsies too (they are 3 and 2). Alexandria even tries to "outsmart" me by putting on totally new underwear and pants sometimes! I guess it doesn't dawn on her that I am going to know what I dressed her in and thus know that she changed!

Anonymous said...

OH my what a mess! Don't have a clue what to tell you to do! Hope you figure it out quickly! Your water bill's going to go up!
Know that I'm here praying!
John 11:25-26: Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?
Prayer Bears
My email address

Sharlene said...

Duct Tape. I went threw this with both of my kids. Duct tape was the only thing that worked.

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