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Thursday, January 7, 2010

We Got Our Snow Day!!!

Hooray for a snow day! Another day to spend together as a family with nothing to do and no where to be! My favorite kind of day!!!! Albert and I eagerly watched the news stations last night looking for school cancellations (Albert teaches high school in St. Louis for those who don't know or remember...) Sure enough, St. Louis cancelled their classes last night. We were so excited, Albert wanted to go out for a drink!!!! I was much too tired and cold, but he really wanted to go, so I sent him without me (he goes to the American Legion which is exactly 90 seconds from our front door.) He was back in less than an hour and down five bucks from playing bingo, so we curled up on the couch together and kept watching news to see if our kids district was closed. As of the time we went to bed, there was no word yet, so I woke up at 5:00a.m to watch again and sure enough- everyone is out!!!!
Albert says this is my day "off" and that he will take care of everything. We exchanged coupons at Christmas time that entitled each of us to "days off" throughout the year. You know, days free of chores, cooking, kid work ect. So far, we've each tried unsuccessfully to use them! Its never that we are unwilling to let each other redeem our coupons- quite the contrary! It's just that with 9 kids- its not very practical and a little impossible! So on Alberts day off- he ended up with his fair share of chores still and sure enough this morning already, I've changed three diapers, done two loads of laundry and various other chores. Ahhh well, I did get to sleep in after my initial early morning wake up. Albert got all the babies up and fed. That is a huge break in and of itself! Maybe we'll just save up our coupons till our kids are a little bigger!!!
On a hilarious note, Brandon walked downstairs and looked out at all the snow and said "Oh Dad! Aren't you going to shovel the driveway?" Albert and I looked at each other and burst out laughing!
"No son," Albert answered. "You and your brothers are going to shovel the driveway!" Seriously, we don't have all these older boys around here for nothing!!! Albert told them that if they were smart little boys- they would go around the neighborhood and see who else needed their driveways shoveled and maybe make a few dollars. Brandon thought about it for a second and then asked why he would need money and what would he need it for? Uhhhh, remember that next time you ask "Can we go to McDonalds?"!!!!!
So, now, I am boiling two big pots of peanuts (highly salted of course) in preparation for tonight's national championship game between Texas and Alabama (Go SEC!!!) Albert is making a trek to the local grocery store for milk and eggs. Just before he left he got into a snowball fight with some of the kids and Isaiah was caught in the cross-fire. They also knocked a picture off the foyer wall. Thanks. Boys...and their Dad is the worst one!
I'll try to take pictures later on if anyone decides to brave the snow and go out and play in it!
Happy snow day to everyone else who is home!


Sharlene said...

Explain the concept of peanut boiling to me. Why? How? I have never heard of it.

albert & angela fontenot said...

It's really easy. It's a southern thing, which is why California you has probably not heard of it! LOL!
Anyhow, you just take raw peanuts, still in the shells, wash them off then cover them with water and add salt (about a cup for 5 pounds of peanuts...a bit less maybe)and bring to a boil, then boil for 3 hours. I actually boiled mine for 4 hours and probably could boil them a bit longer but they are fine now! Very salty so you have to like salty things...and have a drink handy. Yummy football food!

Anonymous said...

Okay, just saw the answer about the boiling the peanuts thing...except what does it do to the peanuts?
Praying right now!
Zephaniah 3:17 The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.
Prayer Bears
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albert said...

It makes them really soft and gives them a yummy salty flavor (salty like potato chips but a much softer texture). They have a "football flavor" thats hard to explain. I like them best in the fall but I think thats psychological more than anything. They are really good though.

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