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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Toys I don't even know how to play with...

Not the kids toys...I'm talking about the things I keep accumulating for the new baby because I think I MUST have it. I have serious baby shopping fever this pregnancy, as I've already told you guys. My latest purchases have been...

1) a TON of baby clothes from babies r us online

2) a beautiful newborn hat with a lime green flower clip from

3) A moby wrap

The hat and the Moby wrap have already arrived. I'm still waiting on the clothing. It shipped yesterday. I checked. Three times. Anyhow, I ordered the moby wrap in black and am loving how soft and snuggly the fabric feels. The issue I am having is that....well, it comes as a big, giant piece of fabric, that the user folds and ties to create the desired wrap effect. Let it suffice to say that I am so NOT GOOD at this type of thing. So as of this moment, my moby wrap is not yet a wrap, but instead, a giant piece of black fabric. I have looked over the user's manual but can still make no sense. I'm going to have to enlist in Albert's assistance. He rocks at things like that. I pretty much suck.

I have heard marvelous reviews from tons of moby wrap users throughout cyber space, so I have no doubt that I'll love it, once I just learn to use it. I can't wait to have a sweet little newborn girl to carry around in there...instead of in here, where she is giving me heartburn and kicking me in the ribs!


Anonymous said...

Not sure I even know what a moby wrap is....
These verses are so comforting. Continuing to pray!!!!!!!!!
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debi9kids said...

I have heard tons of good things too!

If it makes you feel better, I wouldn't be able to figure it out either. I'm AWFUL at those kinds of things!

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rita said...

Oops, I meant get the peanut's simpler...and I am not sure that I sent mine to Ora but you might want to ask:)

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