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Monday, August 2, 2010

Bacana Brasil

Our anniversary was amazing. We went to a Brazilian restaurant and had a scrumptious feast! This place, called Bacana Brasil featured waiters that brought out meat dishes, along with salad and grilled fruits, to your table..very fresh selctions...which they cut and served right there in front of you...things like grilled shrimp, lamb, roast beef, different cuts of steak, chicken, and sausage, as well as grilled pineapple and banana. When you are seated, they give you a little card. On one side, it says "YES" and on the other, "NO". If you would like the waiters to stop at your table with the meat entrees, you place your card, YES side up. If you are full, or don't want anymore food, you place it on NO. Very fun! It was absolutely delicious. Added to that was a buffet style bar where guests could get more salad selections and side dishes. It really was a nice experience. At the cost of $31.00 per person, it's obviously not something we can do often- but for an anniversary, it was perfect. Our reservations were for 8:00 in the evening, and it was perfect. We were able to make sure the littlest Fontenot children were put to bed, safely and snuggly and that the older kids would not be too overwhelmed. Mia, of course, came with us, because since we're nursing...anywhere Albert and I go...she's our date! She did in fact, get a bit fussy at the table (imagine that) but we just kept passing her back and forth..mainly me because she often gets in moods where only Mommy will do. Afterwards, we thought of going to the Gateway Arch, but it looked closed when we drove past, so we settled for our little hometown bar, "The Juicy Peanut" (after stopping by the house to check the kids and put Mia in her bed...ahem..swing she STILL sleeps in) where we had a drink- a beer for Daddy and a yummy Margarita for Mommy, and then headed home to cuddle and serf the internet together for houses in Tennessee..yes, after fifteen years, we've gotten boring!

As you may remember, we did initially have plans to do something with the kids in the daytime but first was football equiptment pickup at 9:30 in the morning. As Albert took the kids to get thier equiptment, he learned that Emanuel had a football meeting at 2:30 and Brandon had one at 4:30. That put a bit of a damper on the plans but...what can you do? All the measuring, fitting and handing out of pads, jerseys, helmuts ect took unitl about noon so by the time the guys came home- it was too close to time for the first meeting to bother with going out anywhere. We made up for it yesterday though...

School registration was today. I still don't know who Brice's teacher will be due to my dropping the ball on Kindergarten registration late last year, just days after Mia was born. So, dear Mascoutah Elementary, when you enter Brice's information into the computer, and before you push the button which spits out a teachers name...think long and hard. Think about Brice. About his behavior. About the sanity of the teacher you are about to sentence to working with him for the duration of the school year. Think carefully....I'd suggest a teacher with lots of experience and lots of patience....I'm just sayin....


Kendra said...

I was watching the cooking channel on Sunday and they featured a Brazilian restaurant just like that!!! I think it would be tons of fun to go to one! :) YUMMY!
I'm glad y'all had a great evening together!

Oh and my daughter sleeps in her swing a lot too ;)

debi9kids said...

LOL about poor Brice. I hope he does well and surprises you ;)

Glad you had a great evening out> Sounds perfect (aside from passing fussy baby back & forth)

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