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Thursday, August 5, 2010


Today has been *One of Those Days*...again. It has been full of fun, messy and unexpected surprises (read: disasters caused by little children). I'm very thankful it's bedtime. The kids, that is. Not mine. I am so sick of scrubbing and cleaning up after our army of little ones. I know, I know, it goes with the territory and one day they'll grow up and I'll miss days like today....well, maybe not days like TODAY...but you get the point.
Here is the rundown, for your amusement, of what my day has been like.

*Scrubbed carpet in the loft. With two different carpet cleaners. Why? Because Isaiah, one of the two currently being potty trained, went #2 and smeared it into the carpet. Now if this sounds a bit familiar to you, it's because Sydney (the other potty training angel) recently tossed her #2 high into the air above her crib, causing it to stick to the wall. That was also a fun scrub for me.
We will now be renting a Rug Doctor.

*Scrubbed smashed up strawberry out of the kitchen floor. Oh, but not before I accidentally stepped on it and slid a few feet across the linoleum. Much to the amusement of all the children who saw it happen.

*Cleaned up scattered broken glass. Brice dropped a bowl. Again.

*Scrubbed baby spit up...verging on baby throw up, out of my black tank top. In fact, Mia made a target of my tank top several times, all before 10:00 a.m.

*Scrubbed orange sherbet from counter top. I don't know why I even let Jackson and Brandon talk me into letting them get themselves a would think that our three year old twins scooped it out, rather than a ten year old and an eight year old.

Other highlights included stopping several dozen arguments (at least it seems like it was that many). The very best one, being Emanuel and Brandon arguing over the fact that Brandon owes Emanuel fifty cents. Yes, you read correctly. Fifty cents.
Finally, in a huff, Brandon said "Fine. I'll get your money." I thought the argument was ending. Silly me. He did hand Emanuel the coveted two quarters, but minutes later, they were back at it again. Emanuel discovered his piggy bank had been tampered with and he yelled at Brandon, "Brandon! You paid me back with MY own money out of MY piggy bank!"
And it's been this way all day.
Keep stopping by. I am going to do our first ever give-away soon! I know I've auctioned some items before but I don't know that I've ever done a random give away but it seems like a fun idea!


Anonymous said...

Oh I haven't laughed this hard in a long time! Brandon! You little sneak!!!!!! Well at least you know he's not a pro...he left marks! So I guess my dropping a blackberry on my shirt and then making it much worse by trying to wipe it off. And the whole spit up thing...yeah, Frankie and Benny have a gift for missing the spit up cloths. But oh its fun having them here!
No matter what happens in life, the Lord has us wrapped up in His loving care. Praying!
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