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Friday, October 15, 2010


Lately, I think I'm losing my mind. I am so scatterbrained. Well, okay, I've always been scatterbrained, but now it's at a whole new level.
This evening, Albert and I stopped by McDonald's to rent a couple of DVD's for family movie night (our kids have ditched us for friends anyhow). While Albert was in line outside I ran in to grab and iced tea. I forgot that Albert would be needing the bank card. When he finally tapped on the window to get my attention, I quickly hurried outside, apologizing to the people in line behind him. As I was apologizing, I nearly bumped into a woman carrying two coffees in her hand. I turned to apologize to her and accidentally got in the way of another customer trying to access the sidewalk. I figured I'd just go get in the car and stay out of every one's way. I got the keys from Albert and headed to the car (well, if you can call our big ole' 15 passenger van, a "car"), and stepped into the path of another vehicle trying to make its way through the drive-thru. Seriously, it should just be bed-time for me!

This past week, I also sat down to paint Mia's toes. I got distracted by one of the other kiddos about halfway through (well, exactly half-way through) and needed to stop, fully intending on coming back to the task. Two days later as I unloaded Mia from her car seat to go inside the pediatrician's office, I noticed. She was sporting one foot with pink painted toes, and one foot with plain, unpainted toes. Nice.

Sometimes, the feeling that I'm losing my mind has taken on a more frightening nature. Today, I bathed Mia in the sink. I took care of her for the rest of the day, holding her for a lot of it. Yet, every now and again, I'd suddenly feel a jolt of panic...thinking that somehow I'd left her in the sink. Even though she was in my arms most of those times. Those thoughts are unsettling to say the least.

Last night, I realized that Jackson and Brice had field trips today and needed packed sack lunches. I ran by the store after football practice and put together what I have to say, was two pretty awesome lunches. I packed up their backpacks with their lunches and sent them off to school. Too bad, Brice didn't have a field trip today. It's Monday. Oh well. He had a most awesome after school snack.

And don't even get me started on this weekends football schedule. Brandon plays tomorrow. He was scheduled for a 3pm game in Columbia, which has been rescheduled for 11am at home. Not to be confused with the party he is invited to at 1:00, or the party Drew needs to be at by 5:00. Sunday is even better. Manny plays in Columbia at 2pm, Jackson plays at home at 2pm, and I have a baby shower to attend guessed it 2pm. Manny also has a birthday party at some point that day. Not even sure when. And Albert has to get to the old house to do some yard work.

I keep waiting for the day life slows down. It's starting to dawn on me. Maybe its not gonna. Maybe this is just life...maybe I need more zoloft.


Sunday Kofffon Taylor said...

...or to add Xanax. I love your stories, I am in the same boat but I only have 3 kids. I made plans to attend my eldest’s 5th grade graduation and got a sitter for the day after her actual graduation. I was crushed when I picked her up from school and she asked “where were you?” needless to say I think you are doing just fine.

Angela & Albert Fontenot said...

How sad Sunday! Sorry you missed her 5th grade graduation. That so seems like something I'd do.
Xanax seems like a great idea right now!

Anonymous said...

You have all those get so little sleep...and you wonder why these things happen?
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