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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Preston!!!

Our nephew Preston is twelve years old today!!!!! Hooray!!!
Preston will be celebrating tonight with cake and ice cream alongside family and friends at our family's dear friend Lisa's. Then, tomorrow, both he and his brother Cameron will have sleepovers to celebrate their birthdays.

Preston is so special to us. He has spent some of his summer vacation with us for the last two years in a row. Our kids treasure him. Particularly Brandon. Preston and Brandon are best buds. Partners in crime. Fast friends. And of course, family.
They get in trouble together, aggrevate siblings together, drive all of us adults crazy together and pick on Nana together. I guess its no wonder that their birthdays are only a day apart.

Anyone who knows Preston can tell you how creative and intelligent he is. He's an expert on most types of wildlife. He loves animals and is like a walking encyclopedia when it comes to fun facts about them. One summer when he visited, we were able to visit an exotic cat sanctuary. We had to drive to Indiana to find it, but Preston loved it so much it was totally worth the drive. He's also been to Gatorland in Florida where he visited all types of reptiles- espicially gators!

My wondeful nephew (and good friend) is also very affectionate, and has an awesome sense of humor. He's very quick with one liners and always makes us laugh!
We are so proud of him and love him very much. Happy Birthday Preston!!!


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