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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Birthday Reflections

It's hard to believe she is almost one! And even harder to believe we've almost made it through her first year without being pregnant again. That hasn't happened in several babies....or several years. Weather or not there will ever be anymore babies is still up for debate (I'd say probably in the future) but for now we are sure enjoying this little princess and her three princess sisters and six super fab brothers (who would probably NOT like being referred to as princes, that would be too lame).
A few days ago, I took some photos to use for Mia's birthday/Baby dedication party we are having next month. She didn't cooperate super well, but we still came out with few usable ones. The dress and birthday crown she is wearing for the pics are the ones I bought her for her party. The crown came from Sophia's Style which is my absolute new favorite place to shop online for baby girl clothing. The dress came from Once Upon A Child, which is a longstanding favorite of mine...I love resale. I paid a whopping five bucks for this beautiful dress. It will also be her Easter dress.
I've been in full party planning mode for weeks now. Maybe months. I'm taking a break though because in just a few days, its my amazing hubby AND our sweet little Brice's birthday party. We are planning a low key family party for them because they, along with Jackson have chosen to get tickets to Monday Night Raw in a couple weeks when it comes to St. Louis....they wanted that more than a birthday party. They are so excited they can hardly stand it!
Enjoy the pictures. They were hard fought to take. Notice the ones with the crown on are close ups. That's because I was holding her hands down with one of my hands to prevent her from pulling it off, which she does immediately as soon as it hits her head, and trying to photograph with the free hand. Not so easy. But we got a shot that works for the invite. And yes, I know you can see the string from the hat, but I was doing the best I could with a rather uncooperative birthday subject!


Anonymous said...

Aaron turned 1 in February. Frankie and Benny will be 1 in May. time is definitely flying!
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Pam's Pride said...

She is beautiful!

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