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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Potty Mouth

It seems like everywhere we go, there is at least one child who makes it their day's mission to do or say something completely and utterly embarrassing. Lately, this child has been Sydney. Sydney has developed the horrifying habit of speaking her mind. Out loud. Frequently in the women's restroom. Case in point, while on vacation, we were having dinner at a buffet (with us, it's almost always a buffet). Sydney announced her need to use the bathroom and so I took her. Alexandria came along for the potty break because well, if one of them express a need to go, you can count on the other to claim that they too, need to potty. Without fail.
So, we got to the potty. Sydney went first, then Alex. Then Mommy had to go, because honestly, sometimes Mommies need to potty also. At only three and four years old, I don't feel comfortable sending them out of the stall alone, so I usually just potty with them still in the stall with me. Except this time I wished I hadn't. As I stood up from the potty to re-fasten my pants, Sydney began to exclaim loudly "BOY THOSE AR BIG UNDERWEAR MOM! WHY DO YOU HAVE SUCH BIG UNDERWEAR?"
I heard a couple of quiet snickers from other bathroom users. Seriously. What is wrong with my daughter? Why does she insist on doing things like this. She is quickly occupying "most embarrassing kid" honor long held in our family by Brice. And before him, Drew.
The next morning at breakfast (also at a buffet...okay so the reasons for my weight concerns might be becoming clear now) Sydney again had to potty. In the middle of breakfast. So, I took her. When we walked in, there was a woman who was already in a stall. And there was an unpleasant smell. Before I could even think to fear her reaction Sydney shouted "EWWWWWW! It smells poopey in here! It smells poopey in here!" OMG you guys. I wanted to die. I try to teach her manners. They just don't seem to be sinking in. If only she were a boy, Albert or one of the older kids would be tasked with the job of taking her potty. But alas, with no older girls in the family, I get to be the lucky one, always able to experience Sydney's potty mouth first hand. Each and every time.


Amy said...

Omgosh. So I'm sitting here trying not to laugh because I know I'd be embarrassed too. But then I realize that you can't hear me, so I'm laughing. :D

Anonymous said...

Wow that's gotta be scary going anywhere with her now...
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