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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Just Another Reason...

...why I won't be receiving a Mother-Of-The-Year award any time soon. Last night, my hubby and I were walking around Walmart. We needed some random odds and ends- toilet paper, paper plates, cleaning supplies and some things for my desk at home (my executive "mom desk.")
As we were strolling the aisles, I noticed that school supplies were out in full force. Our district has a bit of an issue this year. They are building a brand new high school (the only high school for the district). In order to allow adequate building time, they have extended the summer this year (don't get too gets cut in half next year to make up for it). I had a sudden thought...since our kids don't go back until after Labor Day, but most area districts are back in session in the next couple of weeks, shouldn't we go ahead and stock up on supplies now before they get all picked over? I headed over to the area where Walmart keeps a list of nearby schools' supply lists but unfortunately all that was there for Mascoutah, was the list for 3rd-5th grade. But okay...Jackson fits there. I decided to grab some things for him...that would give me a head start. So I started scanning the list. Um...wait. Do I need the third grade list? Or the fourth grade list? How old is Jackson...he's is that 3rd grade or fourth grade? I quickly asked my husband who suddenly bore the same deer-in-the-headlights look that I had. Then he drew out a deep breath and said..."Fourth grade. Jack is going into fourth grade."
But I still wasn't sure. That just didn't seem right. "Well," Albert asked, "What were his teachers' names up through now. See if you can account for the other years."
I couldn't. I know he had Ms. Distler for's all a blur from there. Suddenly I remembered he had Ms. Tieman last year- but was that 3rd or 4th grade?
I ended up having to call my kid at home to ask what grade he was going in to.
Yep. It's fourth grade. And I'm an idiot. And not on the parent-of-the-year list. Again.


debi9kids said...

heehee... been there with Keith. I had NO clue what grade he was going into this year either (I think he & Jack are in the same grade. I think ;)

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