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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Seriously today is the day I am going to loose all my marbles! And there will not be enough paxil in the world to help me! The morning started off lovely as I walked into the nursery to bring the twins downstairs and....Isaiah had thrown up all over his crib! Joy of joys. This makes the 3rd sheet change in 3 days. I'm pretty sick of laundering crib sheets. About this time Brice decides to go into the bathroom and attempt to flush his own hand down the toilet. He gets startled when he feels the suction and starts crying, bringing me a sopping wet hand to "kiss." No thanks! I sit him down to color for a few minutes so I can unload the dishwasher and put some clothes in the dryer and he breaks all the crayons, throws half of them away and dumps the other half in the garbage. It was at this point that I realized the day was going During the next couple of hours he managed to pinch Alexandria's fingers in the drawer of the toy kitchen set, pin her behind the kitchen set and lob toys over the top to fall on her, he hit the twins with pillows, then spilled a cup full of milk on the kitchen floor, and spilled cereal all over a chair. He then moved on to the Neosporin tube...and ate some of it. He has recently capped off his day by spreading toothpaste all over his face and chest. Needless to say, Brice will be going to bed early tonight!
Brandon came home from school with a note signed by his teacher. It read: Dear Mom, I did not do my work when I was told. From, Brandon. He had some excuse for why it really wasn't as bad as it looked and certainally not his fault (nothing is ever Brandon's fault!) He is grounded from going outside this weekend. Yes, I know, we're the meanest parents ever.
Drew's report card has yet to make it's appearance in our mailbox. Tomorrow I'll call the school and see whats up. The other boys have received theirs and they all did pretty good. Manny and Jackson did really, really well. Brandon did pretty good too, all his grades are in the 80's or higher. His absences take a toll though.
On a side note Sydney is doing much better today. Still really congested but she doesn't seem to be as miserable as she was yesterday. She actually smiled a lot today. I think her Zantac is helping...unless its just coincidence. At any rate, glad she's doing better. That's a major stress removed!
Albert, Drew and Brandon are out shopping for a new winter coat for Brandon. It seems he's busted the zipper on his. I tell you, it's always something here. Always something.


BoufMom9 said...

Hmmm, suspicious that drew's report card isn't there...does that seem wrong that i think like that???
Funny, cos when the school called to say gabi threw up today, i immediately thought, hmm, wonder what test she didn't study for. LOL
meanest parents? Not even close! LOL

BoufMom9 said...

OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE the new montage!!!!! LOVE!
ps Did i say LOVE????

Lynn said...

So where do you want me to sign every day? Here? The other site? Both?
I LOVED the video! It was like I was in your room with you watching the kids have fun! It was fun hearing your voice, too! Would have been more fun if you'd turned the camera around so I could have seen you, too!

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