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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the flu, my swollen tounge & Sydney's heart murmur

So today has not turned out to be the best day at our house. Last Wednesday, I took the twins in for their 15 month checkup. Both were great. Isaiah weighed 20 pounds, Alexandria weighed 19 pounds. They got some of their vaccinations-HIB, Dtap, and the flu shot. The flu shot was a bit of an issue for us because last year within a couple days of giving all the kids flu shots, all our kids came down with the flu. Our pediatrician assured us this was purely a coincidence so reluctantly, I let the twins get the flu shot again. By Wednesday night, Isaiah was crabby and running a fever. I assumed it to be from the shots as I had been warned this could happen. But by Saturday his fever and behavior were getting worse so I called the exchange. Also, Emanuel spiked a fever and headache on Saturday so by now I was pretty sure it wasn't just the vaccines. Anyhoo, today I woke up with a fever and headache and it was the day of Sydney's two month checkup. We had arranged for Isaiah to be seen at the same time. We get there and the doctor examines Isaiah, takes a flu swab and guess what???POSITIVE! She swears up and down again that it can't be the flu shot that has caused this again and I'm sure she's right, but either way, I think we're done with flu shots for our family, espicially since it doesn't seem to prevent the flu for us anyway.
Next, she continues on with Sydney's checkup and informs us she has a heart murmur. She says its nothing to worry about that its very common in babies and that its' probably nothing. But we have to go back next week to have her listen to it again and if its still there, then she'll refer us for an echo. Still nothing to worry about. As far as Isaiah who has been sick for a solid month with one thing after another, we are going to do some testing of his immune system. God, I hope nothing is amiss there.
Also, I have apparently become allergic to something in my enviornment but we cant figure out what it is. Every so often I break out in hives and things start to swell. Today for instance when I woke up with the flu, my lip started to swell. It has also swelled a couple of times in the last two weeks. Then after we returned home from the pediatrician's office and Albert left to go work on the old house (reinspection is Thursday) my eye started swelling and looked scary. That finally stopped and went down and my tounge began to swell. I called Albert and told him and he tells me "Well, use your epi-pen if you need to" Gee, thanks a lot. I realize that the house has to get worked on to pass inspection but if your wife's tounge is swelling in her mouth and she's home with 8 little ones, maybe that should be important too! Anyhoo, it stopped before breathing became difficult and my hands started to swell. I went to the pharmacy to get our Tamiflu so that the other kids won't get the flu and was told that it isn't covered on our insurance! Oh what a day! I sure hope this flu is short lived b/c I have to take all four little ones to WIC tomorrow morning and absolutely cannot reschedule. Oh what fun that trip is destined to be! I'll be back to post then! Have a great night everyone!
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