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Friday, January 18, 2008

Isaiah's flu update & our trip to Ryan's

Well, well, well. This morning didn't start off very promising...but it has gotten better. This flu is making me soooo tired. I'm 80% better but the tiredness and stuffiness are killing me. So, I wake up late...again...Albert has thankfully gotten the kids up and moving for school. In my sleepy fog, I think I hear Albert come in the room and say "Jackson is sick" so I tell Jackson to go back to bed. I then fall back asleep myself. Later on, after I'm awake and moving, I learn that what I actually heard was Drew come in my room and ASK "IS JACKSON SICK???" oops. my bad dog. Anyhoo, when I finally was able to pry myself out of bed the morning got much better. I quickly realized that Jackson is indeed not sick at all and is enjoying the heck out of his stolen day off. I also realzied that Brice had taken a permanent marker to my bedroom door and the wall adjacent to it. I cleaned up a bit while the babies ate breakfast and Sydney napped in her swing and actually got through most of the downstairs by lunchtime.
Last night we went out to eat. The plan was to go to O'Charleys because its free for kids and we can actually feed the family there for about the same as it costs to buy ingredients to make a dinner at home. Of course it takes until 6:00 to get everyone ready and out the door. During the getting ready process, two boys broke out in a wresteling match and Brandon managed to knock Jackson's tooth loose. Lovely. Jackson then thanked Brandon for his elbow to the mouth exclaiming "Oh, now the tooth fairly can leave me money! Thanks Brandon." Brandon also managed so somehow get his handcuffs stuck to a kitchen chair and remained unable to free himself for quite some time. Anyhoo, we get to the parking lot of O'charley's (in two seperate cars of course) and the kids change their minds and want to go to Ryan's instead. Special. So off we go. Brandon got in trouble in the buffet line and Albert and I wondered aloud why we even bother to leave our house at all.
Drew has a field trip tonight to the Fox Theater. Here is the special part. The band teacher isn't sure when they'll be back. She thinks around 11 p.m but tells us to let our kids carry thier cell phones and rely on thier phone call to let us know when to pick them up...Um hello??? Drew's band teacher is smoking crack if she thinks we give our son a cell phone!!! And she's really crazy if she thinks we're letting him borrow ours!
Hope you all enjoy the slideshow and the video. Big thanks to Debi Bouffard for adding those elements to this site when I couldn't figure it out. Debi's familiy blog is linked to here along with several other families from my twins' group. Check them out. Debi's family is a lot like ours. Never a dull moment!
Update on Isaiah- He is better!!! Yea for him! He seems to feel 100% better. He played happily after breakfast with Alexandria all the way up until lunch time without crying or laying his head on the floor. I'm so glad to see him doing so well and enjoying himself for the first time in over a week! Gosh, I hope this is the last of the ugly flu at our house!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I have SO been there at restaurants! Russ and I are ALWAYS mumbling under our breath, " Why did we bring them? " LOL
Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

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