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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All About Jackson

So now we have come to #4 in the series of "all about _________" posts. Child # 4 is my sweet little Jackson. His whole name is Jackson Kelly Fontenot. We like to pick family names, and all of our children have names that are after someone on the family tree, except for Brice, a lthough his name is significant as well. Jackson was my Grandfather's name and Kelly appears on Albert's family tree. I think it was Alberts Great Grandfather.
Our little Jackson was born on February 19, 2002. He weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces ( at least I think thats right). This was the birth where my epidural failed to take effect...or as least as much effect as it needed and I was not very nice duirng delivery to the resident that delivered b/c my OB couldnt get there in time. Also the birth where right before the baby was born, Drew sprouted Chicken Pox (in spite of the varicella vaccine) and the nurses wouldn't let him back toi see me or the baby. They also put us in a postpartum room wayyyyy at the end of the hall, in quarentine! Albert got food poinsoning that night when we ate our "celebration takeout" and laid on the other bed in my hospital room for the whole two days. The OB came in and joked that if he didnt move soon a nurse might come in and check HIM for hemmroids.
Fast forward to now. Jackson is getting ready to turn 6 in just a few days. He's in Kindergarten and loves it. He is the sweetest kid in the world with such a tender, naive heart. Though he also has a dreadful temper! He cries a lot. A really lot for a kid his age. So often in fact, that when he approaches us, we tell him to go away and come back when he isn't crying and we'll listen/help hm then.
He has decided that he loves cooking. Often he helps me make dinner and he is so proud of what he makes. When I say that Jackson "helps" what I really mean is that he stirs, pours and occasionally cracks an egg (but only if its a dish that hides egg shells really well). He also moves around the ground beef while its cooking. He is an excellent cheese grater! He loves helping in the kitchen. There is a little center that offers cooking classes for little kids. I think we are going to enroll him. He claims he's going to be a chef when he grows up (this is the apparent winner in his deliberations over whether he should become a chef, a doctor, or an elf!)
Jackson is often in a world of his own. Sometimes he doesn't realize the absurdity of the things he says. To him, I guess they make sense. Once while eating his after school snack I noticed him feeding bites to the dog. This is annoying because we have enough kids to feed without wasting people food on the dog. Raja has her own food.
So I said, "Jackson, I don't buy food for the dog t o eat it."
He looked puzzled for a moment and then asked "Is that because she buys it herself?"
I didn't even know what to say to that one!
He is an excellent cuddler and every night he asks me to make sure I tuck him in! He is my sweetheart (and was a super-cute little baby!)


Shannon said...

So cute! I love that one of his future job options was an elf! How funny! I love reading these entries and getting to know a bit more about each of your children :)

BoufMom9 said...

So sweet! Jackson is the one I was really waiting to hear as we don't hear much about him...guess cos he behaves. LOL

Randy, Tonya, Jayden, Marisol & Flynn said...

a chef, a doctor or an elf ... I've got the giggles. Kids are so darn cute.

Lynn said...

Happy birthday early, Jackson! Will be waiting to see how the cooking classes go!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Hmm a Chef or an Elf!!! hmm Jackson should really think about this one, i would preffer he became and Elf!!! Love it!

Jenn H said...

What a sweetie, reminds me a lot of my oldest. Love the helping with cooking and you know you must now post some baby pics of all of them!!

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