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Thursday, February 14, 2008

All About Brice

Number 5 in the Fontenot lineup is Brice. Oh boy. I'm not even sure where to start with him.
His full name is Neyland Brice Fontenot. He is the only one without a family name, although his name is very special to us. As most of you know, we are HUGE college football junkies in our house. August-November is a revered season. Anyhow, I am a South Carolina Gamecock fan and Albert is Teneesee Volunteer (SEC BABY!) Well, in our search for "What the heck are we going to name a 5th boy!" after the ultrasound infact revealed yet another fetus with a penis, we struck upon naming him after our college football traditions. South Carolina's football stadium is "Williams-Brice Stadium" and Tennessee plays in "Neyland Stadium" So we combined them and came up with Neyland Brice. But we call him Brice.
His birth was probably my favorite of all the kids. We were able to have everyone there...and I mean everyone. At 6:30 on induction morning, we loaded Drew, Emanuel, Brandon and Jackson in to the van and drove to the hospital. We brought snacks, the portable DVD player and lots of games ect for them and kept them all with us. My friend Becky was also there and so was Alberts sister and her son. The hospital was so wonderful, they never once tried to argue that we couldn't or shouldn't have that many people in the room or that the kids may be better off not there. They simply asked who was staying for delivery and we said "everyone" and they said 'Okay" Even after Drew had turned out the lights while the Dr was breaking my water.
All the kids were gathered around the head of my bed when Brice was born and our OB let Emanuel cut the cord (I should state that at the time, like almost always, we were swearing up and down that this was to be the last baby). After Emanuel cut the cord, Brandon started whining about the unfairness of the situation so the dr. let him snip the opposite side of the cord as well (which was now lying in a metal bowl) Then Drew complained that he didn't get a turn so the Dr. let him take a snip as well. Then Jackson had to have a snip, then our nephew Jaylen had to have a turn, so the cord was in little snipets in the bowl by the end of the fiasco.
Brice was quite an ugly newborn. I say this because I see lots of parents with not so cute newborns exclaim that their baby is the most beautiful thing in the world and I just want it on record that I was completely and totally aware that my baby was slightly...okay seriously lacking in the "Cute" department as a newborn. He infact, remained lacking until he was about a year old. I'm mean, I know! He's adorable now, which is a good thing, otherwise he'd be in military Switzerland.
Brice is now almost three years old. He is full of energy and life and zest. He wakes up in a great mood and totally energized and ready to go. I've actually considered making him run 3 miles each morning on a treadmill to try to dissapate some of that energy from it (sure wish I could somehow channel it to myself!)
Brice is known to be a walking disaster in our house. If he spies eggs in the fridge, he gets them out and smashes them in his hand. HE WILL EAT MEDICATION if it is left lying around and in the past 12 months, I've had to call poison control 3 times (it should have been more, but at some point I just refused to call anymore for fear they would take him away) He's been to the ER for evaluation for eating migrane meds. He also chugged 42 ounces of hugo sized McDonalds poweraide with a couple of energy drinks mixed in. He's eaten Brandon's cyclosporine a few times too. He has also permanently clogged a toilet, ate the dog's treats, and once when Albert brought home math exams to grade (he's a teacher) and accidenltly left them on the table, Brice took a marker to all of them and then proudly exclaimed "Ficey do homework!" Ficey is the name he calls himself.
When the twins were 2 weeks old, Brice chucked a full juice cup at Alex's head, prompting a call to the Dr.
The list goes on and on. I'm sure you all get the point by now.
I secretely fantasize about sending him to full day pre-school 7 days a week. Even though I stay home.
I also secretly fantasize that he came equipped with a mute button.
But, he is a sweetheart and he is hilarious, just not when you are his parents. I'm sure one day we'll look back and laugh about all of his antic...but we're not there just yet.


The Romero-Schroeder said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!! he is a menace!!!

jose said...

That kid makes me laugh so much!!

Shannon said...

Oh wow! Everyones got to have one right??

I will call you tomorrow - I promise! I am stuck doing a paper today - it is due today and lucky me just started it! Lets hope I finish in time.


BoufMom9 said...

I don't even know what to say except thanks for the laugh!
OH! And hope you are getting the "valentine gift" you said you wanted. ;)
(I know I am! LOL)

Lynn said...

You might get the last laugh yet...just wait until BRICE has kids!
Am laughing about that already!

jessica kate said...

Brilliant! I love your stories.

Jenn H said...

"another fetus with a penis" Don't know why but that struck me as so hilarious that I laughed until I cried, lol. Brice is a such a character but like I always tell my mama, I'd rather have a strong will than be a doormat, just a matter of learning how to reign it in a little. And Lynn is right, you will get the last laugh when he has kids, I know my mom gets a good many laughs from my dealings with Noah, lol.

Sharlene said...

Brice is gonna take over the world someday! The crazy ones always do something special.

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