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Monday, February 18, 2008

What??? No Puppy???

Alas, we are at the end of our weekend and is the house organized and in top condition, ready to meet the challenges of life with 10 family members??? That would be a big 'ole HECK NO!
We have made progress, but there continues to be 2 refridgerators sitting in my kitchen. Albert and Drew have yet to move the old one out to the garage (our garage has never actually seen a vehicle...its rather more of a holding tank for a various assortment of crap.)
We do have clean bathrooms, clean bedrooms (except Drew's) and a clean loft, a reasonably clean kitchen and living room but still a messy dinning room and laundry room. I hate the messiness of both of these rooms and and hopefull that they will be clean soon. Very soon. But probably not tomorrow. Tomorrow is a busy day for us. It's Jackson's birthday! He will be six and as I type, I have muffins, his favorite breakfast in the oven. Thank God his favorite breakfast isn't eggs, bacon, sausage and grits. Then, I have to be somewhere at 8:00 in the morning and to add to the chaos...Sydney's long awaited heart echo is in the afternoon. So, I have to go to the school and arrange for the boys to be in after school care since I won't be home in time for them to get off the bus.
This afternoon, instead of doing all the things we should have, we went and ran errands. We had to pick up a few things for Jackson's birthday, including the muffin mix. while we were out, I talked Albert into taking me by the humane society to look at puppies (okay, so I want a lab puppy...most of the time...until Raja does something really dog-ish then, I say NO MORE DOGS EVER!) Anyhow, they had the cutest little lab mix puppies! I wanted a girl, and they had girls! They were 6 weeks old and precious! They were all black ( I love black labs, and in fact only want a black lab). Albert would not let me adopt one!!!! I begged and batted my eye lashes (this ALWAYS works on him..but not this time.! All of you that know us can attest to the fact that Albert NEVER tells me least hardly ever, but he stuck by his "no" today. He was totally logical about the fact that puppies chew and tear things up and we need to wait until our yard is fenced. I know he's right, but those puppies were so darn cute. Their Dad was a black lab and the mom was a border collie mix. I have known a couple of border collie mixes and rationally speaking, yes we should wait for the fence! The puppies were marked like black labs and looked just like the lab we had growing up (named Chelsea) Oh, I wanted to adopt one so bad! Yes, I know we just adopted out our cats. So, the bottom line is NO PUPPY FOR ME! Maybe if I bug Albert enough, one will show up for my birthday in April????


Shannon said...

Gee are you a glutton for punishment - 8 kids AND a puppy?? We got a puppy when Ethan was just 6 months old. That was very short lived. I can't wait tell Thursday! I am so excited!

Lynn said...

And here I thought you were going to say that Jackson wanted a puppy for his birthday and YOU said no! I need another dog! I need a dog who can keep up with me when I go walking! Our "puppy" is too old and can't even walk 2 a slow pace! Oh well...someday!

Jenn H said...

Happy birthday Jackson!!! Sorry about the no go on the puppy :(

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