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Monday, February 18, 2008

click on "our friend Kailee's website" Please

Just wanted to tell you that there is a wonderful update on Kailee Wells' website. Please check it out. It's linked on our blog under "our friend Kailee's website." I'm sure many of you know the story, but those that don't, here's a quick re-cap. Kailee Wells is a little girl, adopted from China who has the same disease (aplastic anemia) that Brandon has. Unfortunately, as she's adopted from China, there are no known siblings to test, and she didn't respond to the same immunosuppression therapy that has helped Brandon so much. So that left a non-related donor transplant. But when they looked on the national registry- she had no match. She was dying and had no match. Her parents, went on a misson to increase awareness of joining the national marrow donor program and were successful in adding thousands to the list. They quit jobs, sold thier cars and downsized their lives in order to move to Wisconsin where the best known aplastic doctor could take care of her. They then went to China (you are more likely to match people of your own heritage, though not always) and added thousands of people to their registry as well. Still, they were loosing their battle to save their daughter and finally out of desperation decided on a long shot attempt at traveling back to China, to the town where they adopted her and begging someone, anyone to come forward if they were the ones that were her biological parents or had any info.
They had their suitcases packed and by the door and were preparing to leave the next morning when they received a phone call saying that a match had at last been found for Kailee on the Chineese registry. All thier years of work had paid off, when a doctor from China had walked in and added himself to the registry...he matched Kailee perfectly...after 10 million others had not.
Just a couple of months ago, Kailee and her family flew to China and were able to meet the donor who donated marrow for her not once but three times (after she rejected the first two transplants) Her story is miraculous. Please click on the link and read this incredible story. What a blessing from God. Her story brings tears to my eyes each time I read an update, whether the news be good or bad. Please check it out. It's very inspirational.


jessica kate said...

Praise God! Brandon's time will come. If they can get a match for Kailee, then Brandon is a shoe in!
On a lighter note, that Bad Friday slide show had me spitting my wine out. I'm so glad it's not just my house.

Jenn H said...

Wow, what a story. Praying for Brandon's miracle as well!!!

BoufMom9 said...

I never knew that story about Kailee. Wow! Such an absolute miracle!Talk about God working in mysterious ways.
JK is right, Brandon's time WILL come. I just know it!

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