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Friday, March 14, 2008

Brice takes a tumble at the dr.'s office

Yesterday was check-up day for Brice and Sydney. Of course it was also a work day for Albert which usually translates into me schlepping all the babies and thier gear by myself. It usually also means a circus of stupid comments and dumbfounded looks from strangers. Anyhow, this time it was different because one of our friends, Jeni, was on Spring Break from college and volunteered to come with me. It was so nice to have help with strapping all the babies into strollers, seats, and whatnot.
So, when we get there, Jeni stays with Isaiah and Alexandria in the waiting room and I take Brice and Sydney back to the exam room. Brice weighed 36 and a half pounds and Sydney weighed 14 pounds 2 ounces and was 25 inches long. Perfect. While we are then waiting for the pediatrician, Dr. Young, to come in, Brice decided to stand up on the little rolling stool that is meant for the dr. to sit on. Every office has them, I'm sure you all know what I mean. Anyhow, I tell him to get down and just as he turns to look at me, the wheels roll and the seat flies out from under him and BOOM...face first on the floor. He screams, I quickly dump Syd into her car seat and run over to grab him. Blood is pouring, Brice is hysterical. The nurse and I start yelling for Dr. Young, who shows up looking like "What the heck is going on?" pretty quickly. About that time, I wiped his mouth and discovered that it was really just a lot of blood from one cut in his lip and probably didn't require the Dr's attention. I told her we were fine and that it was okay to go see another patient who was ahead of us on the schedule. Seriously, we always leave a big impression on the office when we're there. Never, ever can it just go normally. This is infact, the same office in which the ambulance had to be called for Sydney... (I think they must hate to see us comming in the front door because they have to wonder...what will happen today?)
So, the doctor finally comes in and of course, Brice suddenly has to go potty.
She checks out both kids and they are fine. She never got the report from the cardiologist at Cardinal Glennon's about Sydney so I updated her on Sydney's diagnosis. She agrees that it's no big deal so now I feel doubly releived about it.
Then it's time for the kids to get their shots. Now, as a few of you know, I have mixed feelings about vaccinations. In fact, maybe later I'll put a whole post together about the great vaccination debate. To make a long story short, there are some shots I wholehearteldy want them to have and others such as Hep B that I'd rather hold off on as I don't think its appropriate. As far as the Hep B goes, I don't see that Sydney needs that shot. She doesn't have any risk factors as it is sexually transmitted or transmitted through drug use. I suppose if she ever recieved a blood product then it would be good to have it on board but that seems like an outside possiblility. So, anyway, Brice was causing so much commotion being his usual self that I didn't see the Hep B on the list and she ended up getting the shot anyhow. Oh well. (MMR is another one I like to delay and only get anymore at all b/c of Brandon's health but more on that at another post) Then it was Brice's turn to get a shot. I didn't go through the whole "Now Brice the nice nurse is going to give you a little shot and it may pinch....ect" because in my opinion that just drags out the process and adds more drama and fear to the situation. I feel the best way to do it is to just put him on my lap and tell him as the nurse is doing it that he's getting a shot and when its done (which is usually all over by the time I get this far in the sentence) that we'll do something special to celebrate his big boy behavior...even though he acted exactly like a 3 year old should.
He cried for a few minutes and then walked up to the nurse and said " hurt me!"
I tried not to laugh but I couldn't help it. I took him to Pizza Hut as a reward...and also to thank Jeni for comming with me.
Then last night, Sydney started crying and being very irritable. Her thigh was red and swollen. She is much better this morning. Just made for a rought night last night.
I also too Drew back to the lab to check his platelets again. We should hear the results this afternoon.
Jackson announced to us that some kids on the playgroud have been kicking him everyday. And he only told us about it b/c Brandon happend to be on the playgroud at the same time as Jackson yesterday and saw it happen (they don't usually have recess together) So now it's yet another call to the school to find out what happened. We asked him why didn't he ask the playground ladies for help and he said that they aren't very helpful. Serioulsy, I have to agree with Lynn and wonder "Is this the socialization I'm sending my kids to public school for?" If I didn't have so many babies I would really really really consider keeping my kids at home! They are socialized enough with each other and at church and on thier sports teams. So frusterating!
Jackson does need to learn to stand up for himslef. At home he even lets Brice take advantage of him. He doesn' t like confrontation at all and will avoid it at almost all cost.
Well, next week is Spring Break for Albert! Yea! The boys only get a Thursday, Friday and Monday off. That really stinks. But I will enjoy the uninteruped time with my husband. Maybe we'll even finish a conversation instead of him having to read the blog to catch up with me! Ha!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! What a lovely day at the doctor's office! LOL Glad Brice is ok!
Poor Jackson! I have a few who are like him and would just allow themselves to get kicked around. Poor kids!

Jenn H said...

Laughing at hurt me, from Brice! Hope that bully stops picking on Jackson, what a twerp! Sydney is getting so big already!!!

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