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Friday, March 21, 2008

My Mother of the Year Award !

NOT! Listen to this bone headed thing I have done to my poor baby Sydney. Most of you know that we have moved her out of our bedroom and into the nursery that she shares with the twins. I have a baby monitor so its super easy to hear her wake up in the middle of the night. Well, the night before last, I laid her down at about 8:30 to go to bed and when I woke up yesterday...I thought delightedly "Wow! Sydney slept through the night! Yea me!!!!!!!" A few moments later, to my horror, I heard sounds comming through the baby monitor....sounds of some other mom getting some other baby up in some other house presumably nearby. What???? How had it happened that all night long, my monitor was really listening in on some other kids nursery? At first, I thought it mistakenly been set to the wrong channel so I flipped it to the alternate and nope...that too was another family. The scariness of the fact that it is so easy to listen in on and be listened in on with these crappy monitors is scary in its own right, but is not the point right now. I had a sudden moment of shock and horror as I realized that poor Sydney had most likely NOT slept through the night, but had just essentially not been heard during the night and had thus been accidenly ignored! I let out a sharp scream followed by "Oh my God!" which scared the crap out of my poor husband. I bounded out of bed and burst through the door of the nursery, where I found all three babies sleeping peacefully and soundly. Whatever trama Sydney had endured the night before wondering where the heck I was and why I wasn't comming to feed her didn't seem to be having any continous effect on her. She sure didn't seem to be missing me or her bottle right then. I felt terrible though. I felt like I had let her down. I looked around for the monitor to determine what had gone wrong. Well, I'll tell you what went wrong...BRICE! Sure enough, there was the monitor, unplugged, haphazardly thrown into the middle of the floor...the telltale hallmark that screamed "Brice has played with me!" How had I not noticed it before? Ahhh, yes, I'm sure my Mother of the Year Award is in the mail and will be arriving anyday now (whenever Albert or I do something particulary stupid in relation to the kids the other will say "oh yeah, your mother/father of the year award is in the mail!)
Now, I make sure that when I put the babies to bed, the monitor is plugged in and set to the right channel! Although tonight, I caught Brice redhanded trying to sneak in to the nursery.


TONYA said...

OMG how scary to think that somebody may be able to listen in on what goes on in your house. Thank goodness I never ended up using our sound monitors seeing as the babies were sleeping in our room ... who knows what the neighbours might have heard LOL

Lynn said...

So if both monitors aren't plugged in you hear someone else's?! So if both theirs aren't plugged in they hear you?! That isn't right!

BoufMom9 said...

That is so creepy to know other people can hear you!
Well, maybe it will break poor Syd of waking up at night if mommy doesn't come? Poor mommy & poor Syd.

Jenn H said...

I love our current monitor, we've had it for 3 years and it's awesome. Its Sony's babytalk monitor (at least I think that is the name of it) If the end that's end the nursery gets unplugged or the channel changed an alarm on the parent receiver starts going off. It has 27 channels and is super clear, seriously LOVE IT!!! We went through 5 monitors in two years because of things like what you just mentioned, I have better peace of mind with this monitor! Okay, enough of my product speal, but if you want more info, you know who to ask :) Hope Syd sleeps through the night tonight and who knows, maybe she did last night.

lisa said...

I know exactly how you feel. There have been more than one occasion where Mike or I forgot to turn on the monitor on our end. It's on in the babies' room, but not ours. I feel so bad when I realize my baby might have been crying for me in the middle of the night and I didn't come :-(

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Oh Hon happend to me! but i fotgot to turn the monitor ON!!!!!

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