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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Name That Child (for Debi)

Okay so if you go to the Bouffard blog, Debi has an entry from a few days ago explaining the etiology of all of her beautiful children's names and encouraging all of us to make a similar entry. I loved the idea, so here goes ours:

1) Drew Alexander Joseph. Drew was born in July 1995 and here's how we got his name. Albert had one of those little home ec projects where you have to pretend that you have a baby and calculate the cost of shopping for him, calculating daycare ect. He picked "boy" out of a hat and Drew Alexander was the name he chose for it. I was the "baby's momma" which really meant I did all the work and he got the good grade, as I wasn't even in the stupid class. Anyhow, a year later when we were really pregnant and it was a boy...this was what he wanted to name the baby. I really liked the name as well, so long as we could add Joseph to the end, because it is my Dad's name.

2) Albert Emanuel IV. Manny was born December 26, 1996. Albert's name is Albert Emanuel III and his Grandfather had been a bit dissapointed that we hadn't continued the tradition so we decided to go ahead and do it. Manny loves his name, so we're thrilled we went with it. Of course we didn't call him Albert because there were already three in the family. We liked the idea of calling him Emanuel and sometimes "Manny"

3)Brandon John. Born on October 29, 1999. We had gone through several names during the pregnancy and had first settled other names and then discarded them (Mason and Gabriel) When I was about 8 or 9 months pregnant we picked out Brandon Michael but in the delivery room changed it to Brandon John after Albert's grandfather on his Mom's side.

4) Jackson Kelly. Jackson was born on February 19, 2002. We picked his name out pretty early on...around ultrasound time. Jackson is my paternal Grandfather's name and Kelly is a name on Albert's family tree. His name was chosen pretty easily

5) Neyland Brice. Brice was born on March 8, 2005. He was induced on Albert's 29th birthday.
We were running low on family names but wanted something special. We love college football. We picked the names of our favorite teams' football stadiums (Neyland stadium and William's Brice stadium ) and combined the two. This fact was actually mentioned on the news in Knoxville.

6) Isaiah Quincy. September 29th 2006. He is the only child with no family or special ties. I simply really liked the name. I had leaned towards Noah for most of the pregnancy but then realized that our last name ends in the long O sound. So I switched to Isaiah Quincy. We also almost went with Quincy Carter (yes, like the football player) because we liked how it sounded but decided to stick with Isaiah Quincy.

7) Alexandria Marie. We both loved Alexandria...espicially Albert. Marie is my middle name and would also give her my initials AMF. Albert was sold on it immediately but I wanted to keep the options open. There were other names I also really liked : Amelia, Isabella, Mia, but Albert won his pick in the end.

8) Sydney Paige Beverly Rose (seriously). Born November 9, 2007. We never could pick out a name for her. We had a long list of names, 17 names in fact. Jackson put "Sydney" on the list at the last minute. With all the names we had, when she was born and we saw her there were only four that seemed to fit her and so we narrowed down from 17 choices to four: Ava, Elizabeth, Sydney and Morgan. Sydney just seemed to be the most "her" and so we named her Sydney Paige. The next day we added Beverly and Rose to honor both of our mothers.

I enjoyed picking Sydney's name after birth so much and the process of making the lists with the kids and selecting it so carefully only after meeting her was so amazing to us that we have decided that this will be the way any future children will be named as well. I really recommend this way. It's so cool to wait and see what the baby seems to "Match"

Okay ladies, I agree with Debi. Post the way you all came up with your children's names on your blog!


Shannon said...

I remember Sydney's naming! I was there for part of that!!! Very cool. I guess that I will do one too.

Jenn H said...

Great stories on how they were all named. We named Noah the same way you named Sydney, though Noah wasn't on my list but it just fit him. I think he was almost 12 hours old before we named him.

BoufMom9 said...

Wonderful stories, although I really LOVE Drew's the best. It just gives me a good giggle. :)
I love that you waited to name Syd until you met her, although I do remember it KILLED me until you finally knew. heehee
ps Thanks for doing this on your blog too! XOXO

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