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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Second Grade Egg Drop!

This afternoon was the second grade egg drop. Albert and I both went to help out and brought the four babies with us since we had been at the playgroup Easter egg hunt just prior.
The creativity within the classroom as far as what materials the kids chose to package thier eggs in was quite amazing. We were really impressed. Among some of the cool ideas were pudding (aparently the thickness of the pudding stabalizes the egg and keeps it safe) and softened peanut butter (same effect as the pudding). The kids lined up in the hallway and Albert climbed to the top of the ladder and dropped each zip lock bag one at a time. My job was to record the results of the children's predictions on one column and the results of if the egg broke or not on the other column. Ms. Bean asked each child just before Albert dropped the baggie "What do you think_____?" It was a lot of fun. Brandon's egg survived! It was packaged in the foam from the old couch in the garage. We said we were glad Drew's 11 stiches were not in vain!
Speaking of the stiches...Drew popped two of them open at school today so I think he'll be staying home tomorrow. The skin has stayed closed where the stiches opened so thats a good sign. Also good is the fact that the swelling has gone way down. So far, no infections and it really looks 100% better. I called Dr. Rob about the busted stiches and he said he didn't think it would be worth it to re-stich. He wants us to go to Walgreens and get a knee wrap that will be fairly tight and keep it on. He said that if we made it one more day without the skin opening up then we should be okay.
Tonight is a fundraiser for school at McDonalds. The teachers are serving food! Isn't that a hoot. The school gets a percentage of the proceeds. We already ordered pizza last night and need to watch our $$$ so we told the kids we need to eat dinner at home but that we could go for ice cream. They are looking forward to seeing thier teachers at McDonalds!


BoufMom9 said...

So cool about the egg drop! So glad Brandon's egg survived. YEAH!
Good plan to keep poor Drew home tomorrow.
PS LOVE the St Pat's pic of the babies! BOY! Do Isaiah & Alex look so much alike now.

Jenn H said...

Good job Brandon on the egg drop!! Glad Drew's leg is looking better and hope he doesn't pop anymore stitches out!

TONYA said...

You ask me for my daily schedule. Holy momma, you are always crazy busy.

That is so cool about the egg drop.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Love the egg drop experimet. I´m so glad Drew´s leg is better!

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