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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Drew's Band Competetion

Yesterday was Drew's band competition and was a ride it was getting ready. This story really starts out the night before when I was on the phone with my Mom. I called Drew into the room and said something along the lines of this:
"Drew, do you have everything ready for your band competition tomorrow?" Drew answered in the affirmative. Not throughouly convinced however, I pressed on. "Drew, Make sure you have your shoes. Please make sure everything is in order. If something is wrong NOW, I still have time to help you. BUT if you wait until tomorrow morning when its time to get on the bus and announce something is wrong, It will be too late." Drew nods his head and again insists everything is okay. My mom suggests that I have him try on everything so I can see it all together but what does Mom know...I tell her that no, I don't need to see it all ON, I just mainly need to make sure he knows where his black dress shoes are. Black dress shoes that were recently (in January) purchased by Drew and Albert at Walmart. They were in a rush when they bought them, so Drew didn't exactly try them on...just told his Dad his size and they bought the box in the correct size. He'd already worn them though to the band field trip a couple months ago, when Sydney was in the hospital so we didn't SEE them on him, as he'd gone with a friend.
Drew assures me that he has the shoes in hand so I think we are set.
Then next morning things are hectic as always and Albert and I make the discovery that we are out of milk. As I peer into the refridgerator, perhaps subcontiously(sp??) waiting for some milk to appear, Albert suggests that we run up to the little market up the road for some milk. I holler at Drew to get dressed because we'll need to take him to the bus (the band is taking a bus together to the competition...parents are encouraged to follow) as soon as we get home.
Well, well, we're on the way home, we get a call from Drew telling us frantically
"My band jacket is too small! It doesn't fit!"
Suprise, suprise.
"Drew!" I bark at him. "Didn't I just ask you last night to have your stuff together? Didn't I tell you that I wouldn't have time to fix it if you come up with a problem today?" He doesn't answer.
We rush home. We have exactly 15 minutes to have him on the bus. We take a look at the uniform, hoping he's just over exaggerated the tightness of his jacket. No way. The image of that song "Fat Man in A Little Coat" comes to mind instantly. The jacket is wayyyyyyyyy shurnken on him, leaving a huge gap in the back of his pants that the jacket should fit over. It's clear that somehow his band teacher has accidently swapped out his jacket for a smaller one when she distrubed the uniforms. Albert gets ready to rush him up to the school to see if the band director , can grab another one. But before he can leave, we glance down at Drew's feet. It looks odd, Bozo the clown.
"Drew...are your shoes on the wrong feet?" Albert askes.
"No," Drew says taking off the left shoe saying "See...left shoe."
"yes, Drew," Albert says..."but now take off your other shoe. IT"S ALSO A LEFT SHOE!"
Yes, our son is wearing TWO LEFT SHOES!
Albert rushes to the school where thankfully the band director is able to find a larger jacket for the band uniform. However, the shoe situation is not fixable. Drew completes the band competetion in two left shoes. It shouldn't be such a big deal though...afterall, he wore 2 left shoes to the field trip a couple months ago.
I think back to what my mom had suggested about having him try everything on. Yes, she was right afterall.
Albert and I follow behind the bus...well, several minutes behind the bus to be exact. But we still arrive 30 minutes before Drew's band is scheduled to play.
We settle in the gym and when the band starts, Brice decideds he is enthralled with the director's conducting. He stands in his seat and begins conducting himself. At the end of the first song, he feels compelled to shout out "DREW-DREW." Drew shoots an annoyed glance at him.
At the end of the band's performance, as the members file out one by one, Albert resists the urge to leap from the bleachers shouting "THAT"S MY BOY! YEAH!" But, he does pretend that he's going to so as to scare Drew. Quickly Drew walks even faster past us, not looking up.
Gosh, we aren't THAT embarrasing!
A few minutes later we all learn that Drew's band reveived straight First Superiors at the competition. That's the highest ranking that is given out at the competition. The kids are thrilled. The director asks us if we'd like to take him home with us, rather than having him ride the bus back to the school but we say "NO, there's no room in the car." The director gives us an odd look.
Drew was very pleased with his performance. and we very very proud. Even with the two left shoes, he did a great job!


TONYA said...

Congratulations Drew, that's fantastic news.

Everyday I have to come on here and see what funny things have happened to your family. Two left shoes, now that is funny .. I'm sure not at the time though, I would've had a meltdown.

Jenn H said...

That's awesome about doing so well at the band competition! Hopefully all the pieces of the uniform will work out next time, lol!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Well done Drew! (aside from the shoes! LOL)
I swear I about died when I read this! My intended post for today was about how I just sent Keith to school in socks AGAIN . Darn kid couldn't find his shoes this morning! (not a single one of his three pairs, UGH!)

jessica kate said...

That is the laugh I was looking for when I came to see what the Fontenots where up to. You are hilarious.

The Corradetti Clan said...

Way to go Drew. Dont you hate when Moms are always right. Love ya

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Congrats DREW!!!!!!!!! LMAO about the 2 left shoes!

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