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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sydney starts solid food!

Sydney has now officially started solid food! Mostly we are just experimenting with it at this point. She isn't on a "food schedule" and in fact we skipped it altogether yesterday. So of course, formula is still almost 100% of her nutrition. We are starting though! We started with the requisite rice cereal. It went over okay, but not great. I know you're supposed to try the same thing for 5 days before you move to the next but seriously, she's the 8th kid I've fed and we've never had any have even one allergy. Plus there are no allergies in either of our families so I went ahead and did Applesauce this afternoon even though she's only had the cereal twice.
She LOVED the applesauce. She woolfed it down pretty quickly. When she spilled some out of her mouth she actually bunched up her sleeve (that it had dripped down on to) and began sucking the applesauce off of her sleeve! So cute my little piggy is! She's funny when she eats becuase she totally has the opening of her mouth down pat. She opens nice and wide too ( I wish she'd have opened that wide when I tried to breastfeed her after she was born!) but she still has the tough reflex to push out the food. So she opens really big and then pushes it all back out with her tounge. So we have to keep scraping it back off of her chin and trying again and again. She's getting the hang of it though.
In other kid news, I'm sure you all remember that Drew had to get 12 stitches in his leg. Then over the next two days, most of then popped out, leaving only a couple intact. Well, we had been taking care to make sure that no infection started and that the wound didn't open back up but after a while when it seemed fine, Drew basically took over care of it himself. He is almost 13. Well, in the hecticness of our house I basically forgot all about it until he came in our bedroom the other night and said
"Uhhh, Mom and Dad, wasn't I supposed to get these stitches out after 12 days?"
Oh crap. Sure enough they were supposed to come out after 12 days. How many days had it been now???? Oh...17. Great. There were only 2 stitches left but I was afraid now that they would be embedded in his leg.
I called Dr. Rob's office and asked if I could just run him to the local clinic down the street. They said that was fine. I mentioned that I was half tempted to just clip them out myself and they said that probably we could, that it wasn't really that difficult and was in fact pretty basic. Albert and I decided that we'd give it a try but if they stitches were embedded too deeply or if it was painful for Drew then we'd stop and take him to the clinic. They came out without a problem though with the help of a sterilized pair of tweezers. Drew said that it didn't feel very good but that it didn't really hurt either. So, crisis avoided! Mental note....don't forget your kid is walking around with stitches!


Lynn said...

With the applesauce she's never going to want rice cereal again! I'll get to go through that again soon! Well not that soon...James is not quite 2 months yet.
As for the stitches...shouldn't the dr have made a return appt to get them out? Oh well...all's well that ends well, right?

TONYA said...

I'm so glad that she loves her food and has picked it up without problems.

OMG about forgetting the stitches LOL, you crack me up, with that many kids I'm not surprised you forget he he. Your family cracks me up. I'm so glad that you and Al were able to get those last 2 out.

BoufMom9 said...

LOVED all the pics of the feeding. Syd is just gorgeous! I bet you could go with the jarred cereal from Gerber that has applesauce in it and she would love it! (that's what I did with E & W)
BTW Thanks for the laugh at poor Drew's expense.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

OHH congrats to Sydney for making to the food world!!!! YAY... and Good that Drews leg healed OK

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