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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Good Day At Clinic

This morning we had our clinic appointment at the cancer center for Brandon. It went super well. First off, I was worried that it might be a difficult time since I had to bring 5 kids (Brandon, Brice, Isaiah, Alexandria and Sydney) However, all the kids behaved very well...excellent in fact. I was so happy.
Brandon's counts came back absolutely marvelous. Platelets were at 219,000. Hemaglobin was 13.6, ANC was 3876 (I hope that means his white cells are just doing THAT well and not that they are getting ready to fight an impending infection which is sometimes the case when his ANC soars like that).
We were very pleased that the appointment went so nicely. Brandon also got a dose of Pentamadine to help prevent a certain type of pnemonia that occurs in immuno-compromised patients.
Tonight I am planning to go visit my friend Shannon and her newborn baby in the hospital. Shannon had little Mayah (I'm certain I'm spelling it wrong...I know she is using a unique spelling but I'm not sure which one) last night. I am excited to see them both. We also have several errands that need running before I can go.
In other exciting news, Brice has somehow learned the proper terminology for a female dog and has thus delighted in using it when calling our dog Raja (who is indeed a female). The other kids laugh and say "that's the real name Mom!"
I could sure use a big nap right now but it doesn't look like one is forthcomming!


BoufMom9 said...

Wonderful news about Brandon's appt! You have started to ween him from the meds, right?
I can't wait to hear about your visit with Shan (and I am soooo jealous!)
LOL about Brice! I guess after yesterday and the "touching" it was only inevitable that that words would come too, huh? LMAO!
(ok, just realized how wrong that sounds to someone who wasn't there. LOL)

Jenn H said...

That is great news about Brandon and I am so glad everyone behaved, miracles do happen! Give Shan a big hug from me and can't wait to hear all about Mayah!!! LOL about Brice and his new word!

Lynn said...

Great news! I'm so happy for you! Thank you, Lord!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

I am so glad Brandon's numbers are all doing so well. I will pray that he continues to do well!! Escecially excited that all of the kids were good for you while you were at the office

The Romero-Schroeder said...

Great news about Brandon!!!!!!

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