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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pangea, Church , and a Fishing Trip


This morning I was awoken by Jackson standing beside my bed. "Mommy?" he asked. "Do you know about Pangea?" I had to laugh. I told him I was indeed familiar with pangea and asked if HE knew what it was...just to make sure he had the right concept.
"It's when all the continents were stuck together." he answered. He kept talking about it all day and finally at dinner Albert asked him "Jack, do you know what the continents are?"
"Yes," Jackson answered. "Mars, Jupiter and Earth!"

We missed the 9:00 service (as usual) but were up in time to make the 10:30 service. Then, Albert had an attack of some type of stomach bug and the twins had huge diaper issues. We ran late, but did make it by 11:00 at least in time for communion. As we pulled into the parking lot, Jackson says "Oh Mommy, I love church." I was so proud. Until he continued, "At Church we get candy!" Oh my. Looks like we still have some work to do.

After church and after Albert worked with Jackson on riding a bike without training wheels (he is 6 now) We took the whole family down to the lake for a fishing trip. It didn't start out so good. Sydney was screaming, her diaper was dirty. Albert kept telling me to pick her up becuase it was irritating to the other fishermen to hear a baby crying. To this, I replied that it wasn't a personal lake so everyone would just have to get over it. Alber then answered that it was against the "fisherman's code" to make noise and thus scare the fish! The twins also cried in their strollers. During this time, Albert was trying to get all the fishing poles ready for the boys. This took around 15 minutes and so it was my turn to get annoyed. "Couldn't you have had these ready BEFORE we left the house?" I asked him. "NO. I was busy helping Jack on his bike before we left the house." Albert answered. Then he announced that next time, the babies and I were NOT INVITED! In fact, he offered to pack the babies back up in the car so I could go home! Happily, by the time we finished the lines and helped the boys cast them, the babies (and us) had all settled down and it turned out to be a beautiful time. Manny was fishing and Brandon was having trouble with his line. He asked Manny for help and Manny said "Okay, hold my line while I fix yours." They traded lines and all of the sudden Brandon yells, "OH, I GOT A BITE!" Together they reeled in the fish. It was so cute to see them working together to get their fish. They were so proud. And so were we!
Poor Brice broke his little kid fishing pole within the first five minutes. In his defense, it was a really old one. Albert had not put any hook on it, just a big plastic goldfish and a bobber on the end of his line so that he could pretend to fish. He could cast out but no one was in danger of being hooked by Brice. Unfortunately he still had his share of snares, tangling his wire around himself, his shoes, other people fishing. There are lots of ducks at the lake and he kept dropping his little line in and calling the duck saying "here ducky...get the fish...get the fish...its right here!" So funny. By the end of the trip his line was a tangled mess of fishing wire and bent pole. He was happy though. And he needed a new pole anyhow. It was definately a fun time and we will certainally go again!


Lynn said...

Glad you had such a good day...for the most part.........

TONYA said...

Yeah Jackson on riding without training wheels.

Love your fishing experience LOL. I would bet that we would be having a similar conversation in our family if we braved doing this :)

BoufMom9 said...

Sounds like a nice time out with the kids (well, once the poles were fixed. LOL)
My kids all just love fishing and it really is such a nice relaxing way to spend time with the family. (although we haven't attempted it with E & W yet...LOL)

Jenn H said...

Love the church comment about the candy, sounds like something one of my boys would say. Wow on the riding with no training wheels for Jackson, how is he doing? The fishing trip sounded fun, once the irritated nerves were done with, know how that goes. Brice was so cute with the ducks!

Jane said...

I just wanted to tell you I love the picture on the top with the three of them in green. I haven't seen too many pictures of Sydney (or I haven't been paying attention) and she is just gorgeous!!! Love that pic.

The Romero-Schroeder said...

That sounded as such a great day!!! even with the crying!

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