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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Name Game

So, most of you know that my favorite part of being pregnant is picking out baby names. In fact, I've always been somewhat of a baby name addict. Ever since I was a little kids, continuing up through today I will write long lists of names for future babies, friends babies, our next baby...and so on. Perhaps I do it even more when I'm NOT pregnant. Of course it seems so easy to pick the perfect name when I'm NOT pregnant and the ramifications are only theoretical. When I AM pregnant the list suddenly takes on a more significant meaning and is thus scrutinized all the more.
Quite by accident with baby Sydney we stumbled upon a startiling discovery...its much more fun NOT to have a name ready when the baby is born. Indeed, it is so much better (for us) to have a list of names and then do the narrowing down and make the choice after the baby is born, when you can see her, touch her and know which of the names will "fit". Of course I realize that any name will fit if you've predetermined it and are set on it but there was something of a christmas morning like feel in waiting to look at her before we picked her name. So much so that we have decided that all subsequent kids will be named in the same fashion (lets hope that "all subsequent" means only this last one!)
Even so, making the list is part of the fun. We aren't finding out the baby's gender this time so we'll have two lists. The list is sure to change, even drastically so, from month to month and week to week as one or the other of us decideds we are tired of certain names, or hears something fresh to add, only to discard it again a few weeks down the road when we realize it didn't have any "staying power" with us.
It's very early on, but I thought I'd share how the list is shaping up so far. The boys' list is actually posted as a poll that can be voted on at the top right of the site. So, here's what we have so far...remember this may look far different from the way it will ulitimately look...even a few weeks from now...
Noah (leading in the poll by a big margin)

Athena ("Thea")
Amelia ("Mia")
Amalia ("Mia")

Last time, with Sydney the list grew quite long and was at 17 names when we left for the hospital. Of course some of those were only under consideration as middle names and out of the bunch we ended up with Sydney Paige which was funnily enough, not one of the top contenders until THAT day. Jackson had a girl in his kindergarten class with the name and Sydney had been his contribution to the list. Honestly when he first suggested it I just kind of gave it the "it's okay" shrugg but put it on becuase it was his choice and each of the kids were encouraged to add one name of their choice for consideration. Sure enough though when Sydney was born, out of all the names, it was instantly clear to me that only 4 on our list fit her. They were Elizabeth, Sydney, Morgan and Ava. Out of those four, Sydney fit her the best and had the right "vibe" that matched her . So Sydney she became. It's exciting to wonder who we'll be holding 7 months from now.


BoufMom9 said...

OH! I LOVE that you won't be finding out what you are having til he or she is born! YEAH! Had E & W been just one, we would've had it be a surprise too!
I love so many of the names on your list. :)
BTW We had Emma picked out, but had in the back of our minds if she came out looking like a huge fat baby that it just wouldn't fit and we would've gone with a different name. LOL Don't know who I was kidding...LOL a huge, fat, premature twin girl?!? hahaha

albert & angela fontenot said...

The concept of a huge fat premature twin girl just cracked me up! Hey, I still didn't get my google invite!

Shannon said...

Glad that you are having so much fun choosing a name for the new baby! I love the lists so far, all are great names!!

Jenn H said...

Love how you are doing the running list again!!! We still have no idea what we are naming this little one (I have one name I really like but no none else will agree with me...don't they know who is doind all the work here, lol). She probably won't be named until the end of her first day or later at this rate, Noah was at least 8 or so hours old before we named him, it just fit!

Tabbatha Rose said...

I love picking baby names!!! I like Noah for a boy too. Larry decided Ty's first name on the way to the hosp, he was suppose to be Peter lol.

Jess has chosen a boy name: Bailey Scott (so far)
Girls names: Mae for the middle name
So far....

jpbutterfly_07 said...

Hey Ang....It's Jeni.....Speaking of girls names, I like the following ones:

These are some suggestions and if you like them, you can add them to your list....

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