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Monday, April 28, 2008

No Swimsuits for the girls!

The other day, Albert and I were strolling through the baby section of Walmart. I came across a rack of swimsuits for little girls! I delighted in this, as I waited through 11 years of parenthood and five (technically six) boys before hearing those magic words "IT'S A GIRL!"
I stood before the rack of swimsuits, picking up each pieces, two pieces, ones with butterflies, ones with polka-dots. Hmmmm...should I get matching??? Or maybe color cordinated with each other but yet different in some way....
I gathered a few in my excited little hands and asked Albert "Which swimsuits should we get the girls this year?"
Albert made a face like I'd just asked "which crack pipe are we getting the girls this year?" He quickly, and very sternly said "The girls will not be wearing bathing suits."
I was deflated. "Well..." I stammered. "What are they going to wear to the pool then?"
Albert looked at me like I had three heads.
"Some boys trunks...and a big tee-shirt."
We'll see about that...


Shannon said...

LOL that is too funny! But just wait til he sees how cute they look in their little swimsuits! How could he deny that?!

The Romero-Schroeder said...

LMAO, ohh my God albert i cant even imagine how he is going to handle teenage girls!!!

Jenn H said...

Thats hilarious!!! Thanks for the much needed laugh!!

TONYA said...

He said what now. Oh you go back and tell him that he had better get those beautiful baby girls swimsuits or he'll have me to deal with LOL. He's as bad as Randy. He seriously thinks Marisol will turn 35 after her 10th birthday so he doesn't have to deal with any in-between stuff LOL.

BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Albert is in for a real shock in 12 years! heehee
Tell him to talk to Russ all about it when we see you next month...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh Albert! I can not imagine being a guy trying to date one of your girls one day. Between Dad and the plethora of big brothers, those girls don't stand a chance at getting a date!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Morgan for a girl? I love that name and it would continue the androginous theme for your girl names.

donnawanna said...

what happened to Morgan for a girl? I love that, and it goes with the other choices youve made for girl names. Kinda the andrognous(take that spell check) theme.

TheHMC said...

Ahaha.. sounds like my husband. You're too funny with your explanations of things....

CC said...

You have to have swimsuits!!! ugh! Men... they just don't understand! Thanks for the laugh!

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